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ebay alternatives to selling onlineEBay is the undisputed leader of all online marketplaces. However, many sellers – especially those that have spent a good number of years selling on the auction site – have found the several changes at eBay unbearable, and wonder whether there might not be viable alternatives where they can sell products.

The truth is that there are several alternatives out there for sellers to consider. Besides eBay’s strongest competitor, (which doesn’t run an auction format of selling), there is a selection of other alternatives that eBay sellers should really give serious consideration.

Below is a list of some of eBay’s most popular challengers: – this is one of the leading eBay competitors and it’s well on its way to becoming a formidable player in the online marketplace. While its 2 million listings is no way near eBay’s sales volumes, its growth rate is quite impressive and many eBay veterans will find its user interface a little too familiar. Its simple fee structure is one of its major drawbacks. Listing and buying sale items is free; there are five basic tiers through which fees are collected after a sale. – with nearly 20 international sites, eBid also boasts of about 2 million auction listings and is a favorite alternative for a number of veteran eBay sellers. Its pricing model is much simpler too than eBay’s, and somewhat cheaper. Sellers do not incur any fees for auction listings and there are no fees for buyers as well.

other websites to sell – you can think of ePier as a blend between eBay and Craiglist. The website spots a very basic, almost plain feel, and the item listing and searching is more based on locality.

Basically, the site is not cluttered with non-essential features, which is a welcome chance for some, and a turn-off for a few others. there are fewer listings here than eBid and Bonanzle and their pricing model features no upfront fees and is even simpler. – while this site is a little less refined than its competitors, it has one big advantage over them: through its ‘Mr. Grabber’ feature, it allows members to ‘bring in’ auction listings and seller ratings from eBay. Once again, there are no upfront fees, just a range of final value fees. – this site also boasts of a little over 2 million auction listings, with no fees charged to buyers or sellers when items are listed. Wigix is also a bit more refined than most of its competitors (except Bonanzle) and has a tool – Wigix fee calculator that can help you evaluate its selling fees.

What a seller should know before migrating

This is by no means a complete list of all eBay alternatives but it represents the best sites to consider outside eBay, especially for eBay veterans.

The problem is that once you begin looking outside eBay, you’ll find that the online market place is hugely fragmented. If you are a small seller interested in listing in smaller volumes and are fed up with eBay’s increasing complexity and focus on big sellers, these alternatives are your best bet.

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