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Misspelled eBay Items – How To Create A Good Title

misspelled ebay titlesMany eBay sellers overlook the importance of creating a good title while listing an item. When potential buyers are searching for items on eBay, they are often very specific. Therefore, if you use the correct keywords in your listing titles, you will attract the right customers who are searching for the product you’re selling.

Competition is fierce on eBay, so if you misspell your titles or don’t use keywords correctly, customers will not find you and you will lose money in the end.

There’s no standard format regarding the exact words that should go in a title but seasoned eBay sellers have made certain important observations over the years that are worth learning.

Don’t Let Misspelled Items Ruin Your Sales

Misspelled items are very common on eBay and can really dig into your profits as a seller because customers will not be able to find your listed items.

Here is how it works: when you misspell the title or description of an item, the built-in search feature on eBay will not be able to pick it up in a related search. Consequently, your item will receive a very small number of bids (if any at all), which drives the item’s price lower and cuts into your profit as a seller.

In fact, as one seller loses from a misspelled item, another shrewd seller may benefit by buying it for less and then re-list it on eBay (arbitrage). There are specialized search tools used to identify misspelled items but you don’t want to be the seller on the losing end.

Therefore, it’s important to double-check your listings and descriptions to make sure that misspellings do not eat into your profits and ruin your eBay business.

Tips On Creating a Good eBay Listing Title

spelling correctly in ebay titlesOne key rule when writing titles is to use keywords that people are searching for. It’s not as easy as it sounds though, so you have to get the basics right from the start.

The choice of words and their position in a title is of paramount importance. Words at the beginning of title carry more weight than those at the end, therefore, the most crucial words should be at the start of the title. The space allowed for a title is only 55 characters so ensure that they are used in the best way possible.

Let’s look at an example of a Bravia Sony TV set and craft a good title for it: ‘New Sony Bravia 32” LCD Full HD TV Set’. If we analyze the above title listing, we note that it begins with ‘New’, which is a good thing as most people would start a search for a TV set with either New or Used.

The next word is the brand, then the series, and size. It’s also important to include Full HD as most TV buyers now want sets that support full HD.

Avoid words like ‘free shipping’, ‘Brand New’ because they are a waste of precious space. The point is that the title should only include keywords, even though they don’t have any meaning.

A listing title doesn’t have to be like an article title. Its purpose is to help potential customers find you easily.

So, use the right keywords, double check your spellings and watch the bids accumulate.

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