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Making Life Easy With eBay's API

making life easy on ebayMost people buy and sell items on eBay using the site’s online interface, where you normally interact directly with eBay.

However, with the eBay API, you can access the eBay database using XML powered tools. This allows you to deploy a customized interface, along with operations and functions that are more specialized, something that is not possible with the eBay interface.

What’s an eBay API?

Technically speaking, the eBay API is a collection of functions used to query the eBay platform. Among the queries are: listing items, getting information on listed items, dealing with feedback, among others.

The execution of the API functions happens via a secure HTTP transport protocol request coming from an application. The requests are standardized using an XML data format, as well as the data in the results sets.

Essentially, the API is a direct conduit to eBay. The data exchange is consistent and efficient, all made possible by XML format. This translates into convenience for the seller and buyer.

How the eBay API is used

The eBay API software will help you submit all the items you intend to list on the main eBay site and then get the most updated list of eBay categories. The auction software will also enable you to view the information about the listed items, and then you’ll be able access the bid information for the items and select the highest bid.

It is also possible to list your eBay items on different websites and leave feedback for a buyer after completing a transaction. Because it doesn’t depend on the eBay user interface, the eBay API lets you create stable and custom interfaces that are specific to your business needs.

checking out on ebayEBay Checkout is another handy piece of software if you’re selling on eBay. When you list with eBay Checkout, your buyers are able to make an instant payment because the payment details are all specified here.

If you need to deposit in eBay checkout, you can also specify, and on top of this, you’ll still have the provision of listing PayPal as a methods of receiving payments faster. Additionally, you can use eBay checkout to list any additional information for your buyers, such as shipping discounts and other special instructions.

When you use eBay checkout, you’ll have fewer unpaid items, fewer emails requiring added payment options, increased sales for your products and speedy and more convenient payment.

In a nut shell, eBay checkout is eBay software that helps to speed up the payment process for the items you sell on eBay. So, it’s obvious that it is much more convenient and easy to auction and sell items on eBay using the various eBay auction software available.

To use eBay API or Not?

If you’re a seller and you’re not part of the eBay Developers Program, then you access eBay the same way anyone would browse the internet, through HTTP, a process known as ‘scrapping’.

So, scrapping vs. API for eBay access? EBay charges vendors to access the site through an API and there’s an application process, but it is a faster and less cumbersome way for vendors looking to cut on their work on eBay.

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