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eBay Rules And About Me Page

ebay rules and regulationsRunning an online business is one of the most rewarding careers in the world. Not only does it give you the chance to earn more money than you would when you worked full-time but it also gives you the flexibility when it comes to managing your time.

One of the most popular trends nowadays is selling products and services online such as in worldwide marketplaces like eBay.

However, starting a business and posting items is not enough to make you successful at it. You also have to maximize the use of the various tools available to you, such as eBay’s About Me page in order to increase brand awareness, expand your market, improve sales and enhance reputation. So how do you fully utilize it?

1) Use it to let users sign up on your newsletter

Newsletters are the best form of media that could allow you to constantly interact with your existing customers and maintain good relationships with them. Encourage them to sign up and subscribe to your newsletter so that you could alert them if there are new items being added to your eBay list.

2) Use it to provide exclusive content

Do you sell arts and crafts materials on your eBay page? Use eBay’s About Me page to provide your customers with exclusive patterns and drawings that they could use as a design idea. Give out the simple designs and, eventually, sell out the more complicated ones. Once you have established a good reputation on that particular aspect then people would not hesitate to buy the items that you are offering to sell.

3) Use it to link to your exclusive tips and tricks

Another way to use your About Me page in eBay is to link it to a site with your exclusive tips and tricks. Create content that are unique and has never been read before and post it online. This will help build a reputation of you being an expert on that particular aspect. For example, if you are selling cameras, you might want to provide your customers with tips and tricks on how to get a certain effect using one of the cameras that you are selling in eBay.

4) Use it to link to your other web storefront

Do you have another store besides the one in eBay? Make use of your About Me page to endorse just that. Aside from doing that (and from encouraging them to pay a visit and perhaps place an order on your other online store), you might also want to provide them with a brief background of yourself and your business and how it started out.You might also want to add a short summary of the things you are selling over eBay and which ones are still up for grabs.

The full utilization of eBay’s About Me page really depends on you but make sure that you place in the right contents so that you could use it to your advantage. Now, it should not be long until you start earning a steady stream of income from your online stores.

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