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Make Money Selling Information Products on eBay and the Internet

informational products on ebayIf you were to venture out today selling online, what products would you select? Finding a profitable product to sell on eBay and other online selling websites is without a doubt one of the biggest dilemmas for prospect sellers.

Information products are one of the most profitable items to sell on eBay and elsewhere online, but unfortunately, many new sellers are not aware of this important fact.

Firstly, a product that you’re seeking to sell online should, as a bare minimum, have certain characteristics, including:

• High profitability

• Constant, unrestricted supply

• Less or favorable competition

• Easy delivery

• Full ownership of the product

A product with all these characteristics is one you should give serious consideration, and it is only information products that come close to meeting all the criteria above.

So how can you sell information products online?

The first thing you have to do is to create the information product. Creating your own product gives you full ownership and control, and therefore you will be able to easily determine how much to charge.

It also helps to minimize production costs, which leads to higher profit margins. Information products you can create include eBooks, Videos (DVDs), Audio CDs, MP3 audios, e-courses, and teleconferences, among others. What matters most is the content you put in the information product you choose to create.

Note that if you’re going to sell your products on eBay, not every type of information product is permissible on the auction website. EBay policy categories information products into ‘allowed’, ‘restricted’, and ‘not allowed’.

Therefore before you list any information product on eBay, check with their policies regarding this type of product.

selling information products on ebayThe most profitable information products are those that can be delivered digitally (downloadable), because there are no packaging and shipping costs to worry about. Delivery is instant upon payment but unfortunately, most downloadable products are not allowed on eBay.

After you’ve compiled the information you want to sell, the next step is to package it. The way you package your information product is going to directly affect your sales. If you’re going to sell on eBay, there is no flexibility due to the restrictions. Thus, it’s better to sell on your own e-commerce website. Here are some of the packaging formats to choose from:

• E-book – Content is packaged into a PDF file using PDF conversion software. This is the easiest and probably cheapest to make.

• Physical Book – There are several print-on-demand websites that enable first time authors to self-publish.

• Audio Books – With an audio book, you take your e-book content and record it being read by someone else or yourself. Users can then stream the book from your website.

• Audio CD – This is similar to an audio book but the content is recorded on a CD and, instead of streaming, the CD is physically shipped.

• Video CD or DVD – A video CD is also similar to an audio CD but the content is recorded as video. It can be a video recording of yourself reading out your e-book, or a recording of a lecture.

The examples are endless but the essential thing is to package your product to meet the unique needs of your potential customers. Finally, you can then promote and sell your product. As mentioned earlier, selling your products digitally is the easiest, fastest, and most profitable way to sell information products.

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