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Managing A Full-Time Job & An eBay Business

time management in businessesIf you decide that you want to realize more sales with your eBay business, you need to step up the plate and determine the amount of time you have to set aside exclusively for the eBay side business.

When you establish any kind of business, you need to get your priorities right. Running a business at home requires assured priority setting.

Anything you want to turn into a success needs a high level of discipline; you’ll have to apply the same level of discipline to your eBay business to make it a success.

Managing your time: eBay as a Part-time Side Income

Besides earning part-time income to supplement your main job, you can earn huge profits from eBay. Whether you want to spend a few hours each week on your eBay business or make it a full-time job, there are no restrictions on how much time you can spend on eBay.

However, you need to remember that the more hours you dedicate to your eBay business, the more chances of earning more. That said, here’s how you can juggle your time between eBay business and your other commitments.

Perhaps you’re interested in collecting miscellaneous items to sell on eBay, and somehow, you get these items in your usual day-to-day life. You could have already figured that you only spend a few hours a week (for instance 3 hours) on the auction website and this is already in your normal schedule.

So, what you need to figure in is the time it takes you to write up the auctions. If you sell a different item every day, you need to allow about 20 minutes for writing the auction, scan the image or take a photo, and then uploading the photo to a hosting site.

The time it takes to accomplish these tasks varies from person to person and improves with experience. Nonetheless, every task that you have to accomplish in your eBay business takes time and you need to budget for this time.

If you’re selling items that are very varied, you’ll be spending a lot of time on research as well. You may have compelling descriptions and brilliant photos but you will not sell as many cashmere sweaters in the summer heat as you would in winter.

Then you also have to consider the time you take to source and shop for your merchandise. Do you have to travel to dealers? Or do you visit auctions? Sometimes, you may have to spend a few hours online trying to find new ways to source your merchandize.

A number of sellers spend a full day every week doing this alone. It’s your merchandize that will earn you profits so don’t skimp on the time you take to identify items that sell. The time you spend on this is repaid in profits.

The activities you need to carry out when running your eBay business are quite many. Time yourself and gauge how long it takes to accomplish each. If you list many times, the time varies so the time you come up with should only be used as a baseline, the minimum time you need to set aside for all your eBay activities. From this information, you’ll be able to determine how much time you need to dedicate to running your eBay business.

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