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How to Open an eBay Store

how to open an ebay storeHaving your own eBay store offers some great benefits. For one, it will give you your own little slice of eBay where you can personalize your store and make it attractive to buyers to sell stuff online.

Another great benefit is that you can create an opt-in mailing list where store visitors can sign up to stay in touch with your store. This is great for generating long-term and repeat buyers.

How do you reach out to more buyers?

One of the best ways that you can do this is by creating a mailing list that you can use to get in touch with subscribers and tell them about all your new products, and offer them incentives like discounts on their next purchase.

Internet marketers all around the world profess that this is one of the most lucrative marketing tools they employ. But, the tough part is, building this list; it's illegal to just buy email addresses and randomly bombarded them with information about your products.

And for good reason - I'm sure you hate spam just as much as I do! Plus, you're so much better off getting 'targeted traffic' with lists of people who are interested in what you are selling.

 How to Open an eBay Store

Opening an eBay store is actually pretty simple and this is why eBay is used to start a business by many people. Here's your complete guide to setting one up yourself.

When you login to your eBay account, click on the "Sell" tab at the upper-right corner where you'll see the drop down menu with the link "Seller Tools & eBay Stores." When you click on that link it will send you to a page that gives you some basic options.

Keep in mind that an eBay store is conducted a bit differently to the typical single-item auction site. With a store, you will have the advantage of saving money because the listing fees of $.02 and gallery pictures can be added for $.01. Of course though, there is a monthly cost of the basic store for $15.95 per month to maintain it.

But that expense is still a great way to expand your store and get more inventory listed for the cheapest listing fees.

When you begin to go through the Store's setup pages, the first one will give you three options; Basic, Premium and Anchor. The Basic package goes for $15.95, Premium for $49.95 and the monthly rate for the Anchor package is $299.95.

It all depends on the volume of items that you are going to be operating with. Remember that you can always upgrade. If you just want to get in there and get started, you can always grow to the Anchor package and upgrade while you learn selling on eBay.

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A great feature is the Fixed Price listing fees. The Basic package will have $.20 insertion fees, Premium $.05, and Anchor with $.03.

When you start reading through your options and click through to the package that you want, you will go through two pages that allow you to add two basic services for free.

This will then get you onto the next page where you are to start setting up your store by customizing it. You are going to need to choose a name for you store. When people browse through the categories of the items that they want to purchase, the list of stores that appear in consecutive order are the ones with the most items in them.

This is why the Anchor stores are listed at the top, then Premium, then Basic. If you have a Basic store then you are going to need to "pop" off the page so you should have a clever or unique name. After all, where would you rather click to - a store that has the name Tom's Terrific Trousers or tomsmith30305?

Go ahead and click on the option of "Quick Store Setup." You can always use Manage My Store (in My eBay) to make further changes to your store as well.

While you are on this Settings page, go ahead and make any customizations that you wish to compliment the feel and function that you believe will best suit your needs. Your editing options are:

o Store Color and Theme

o Store Description

o Item Display

o Promotion Boxes

o Custom Listing Frame

o Email Marketing

Store Color and Theme

Depending on how you want to create your store, you could add colors that give off the same feel as the products that you are selling. For example, if you are selling blue jeans, why not make the color blue? Remember the psychology of the consumer as well.

Some colors send adverse signals to customers that are not the intention of the store owner. For instance, if you have bright red or dark black as the theme, it might make the buyer uneasy. This is one of the eBay store tips that you should bear in mind to help conversions.

Store Description

This is what people will see when they go onto the categories page and will explain a bit of detail about the items that you are selling. This is also very important for search engine results.

It would beneficial for you to figure out the popular keywords within the items that you are selling and place those throughout the description.

Item Display

This an option for you to display the items that you are selling in your eBay store for your shoppers. There are two options to format the view; You can either have the items in a picture gallery or in a list. With the gallery, it will appear similar to other shopping websites on the internet.

If you choose the option for the list, you can use less space and will be able to put more items on the page. There will also be a drop down menu that allows you to preference the order in which those items are located.

The items that you have in your store can be listed for up to 120 days for $.02. But you have an option to keep the items "Listed until Cancelled" where you will have to pay $.02 every 30 days.

Promotion Boxes.

These are great to catch the attention of promotions throughout your pages. With the Basic package, you are allowed boxes to feature items that are;

1. Newly listed
2. Ending soon
3. Shipping and payment
4. Newsletter signup

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Custom Listing Frame

This is an option to change the template a little. You can have two different types of frames or none.

Some people find that by having the frame on the left helps with the navigation of the site. If it is at the top, people are usually scrolling down the items and do not see them as often.

Email Marketing. These are already on by default which is great. One of the biggest advantages of having an eBay store is the marketing tools that are already in place. What you can do though is edit them to have them personalized to your customers.

You have the option to edit the emails that go out to customers or newsletters that people just browsing can sign up for and receive updates from you.

Manage Your Store Page

After you have reviewed and edited the basics of how it will be functioning, you will continue to the Manage My Store page. This is the place where you will be able to fully customize the store to just about everything you need to run a successful operation.

It is your hub and engine to your business on eBay. Go through the menu options on the left and see just how far you can customize it to the scale that you're business is currently in. The tools that are available are;

- Store Management Tools

- Marketing Tools

- Reports

- Related Links

You will see that on the center of your page are other icons and tools that will help you learn more about the features that are available to you, and further services to enhance the nature of your business. As you start to begin selling items and listing them, be sure to continuously pay attention to the tools at your disposal.

As long as you continue to be consistent with your store and treat it as a business you can be a huge success on eBay. Your store is going to grow, and you will learn the functions and methods to grow with it if you are persistent.

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