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How to Become an eBay PowerSeller

how to become an ebay powersellerBefore we begin to discuss how to become a PowerSeller, let's define what it actually means to be one.

You might think that you would have to be moving large volumes of items per day or making millions of dollars on eBay in order for them to get this status.

Let me take some pressure off you and explain the simple breakdown of what it means to be a PowerSeller.

It comes down to five criteria:

1. You need to maintain an active membership for 90 days
2. Average of $1000 in sales per month for 3 consecutive months (for a Bronze PowerSeller status)
3.Have an overall feedback rating of 100, in which 98% or more is positive
4. You need to be in good financial standing with eBay
5. Compliance with eBay regulations

That's it. That's all you need to accomplish in order for you to get such a prestigious title. Knowing that now, what is the advantage to being a PowerSeller?

The biggest benefit is that it shows buyers that you are serious about your e-commerce business and making money on eBay. You are not just trying to sell some old records out of the attic of your house. You actually have a legitimate business going and they stamp that title on there for recognition.


Here are the benefits as stated by eBay;

- Top-rated seller eligibility
- Discounts on Final Value Fees 
- Premium Customer Support
- Unpaid Item Protection
- UPS rate discounts
- Health insurance solutions
- Powerful Giving Program 
- PowerUp print and email newsletters
- PowerSeller Discussion Boards
- Logo Merchandise
- PowerSeller templates for marketing

The biggest advantage is that the Top-Rated Seller has the power of being indexed at the top of search results. There is also now a popup that appears for the Top-Rated Sellers. This has been very controversial for the disadvantage it brings to regular sellers.

The PowerSeller tier system is set up on these tiers;

Bronze = $1000 or 100 items sold per month
Silver = $3000 or 300 items sold per month
Gold = $10,000 or 1000 items sold per month
Platinum = $25,000 or 2500 items sold per month
Titanium =$150,000 or 15,000 items sold per month

So get to the point, right? How exactly do you become a PowerSeller? Well there are two important things you should do to become a PowerSeller and reap all the benefits:

1. Increase your number of sales
2. Increase your feedback score

To increase your sales volume, get your listings ranking well under the eBay Best Match algorithm. Best Match is what eBay uses to determine which listings will rank well when buyers search for items.

Best Match's primary objective is to deliver the most suitable items to buyers by boosting their listings to the top of the page where buyers look first. So Best Match looks out for things like free shipping, high DSRs and feedback, as well as a high recent sales score.

Best Match also favors sellers who offer the lowest prices on their items, compared to sellers of the same item.


By increasing your feedback score, you not only encourage more buyers to trust you, and therefore buy from you, you also help boost your listings with Best Match. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

As an eBay seller, you will know that good feedback is crucial. Many buyers won't even look at a seller with feedback under 95%. And with so many other sellers with exceptional feedback scores, who can blame them? Earning and maintaining a good feedback score is all about good customer service.

One of the your biggest focuses should be communication. The best eBay sellers communicate with their buyers at every stage of the buying process. Aim to email your buyers when the auction ends, when you receive their payment, and when your ship the item.

Also aim to email them a few days after the item should have arrived, just to check that everything is in order.

Also, make sure you get familiar with eBay's DSR rating system. DSRs are rated in four categories:

1. Item as described. Buyers will rate you highly when you describe the item as accurately as possible, and do not over exaggerate the quality of an item in order to make a sale or sell online.

2. Communication. As I said, aim to communicate with your buyers as much as possible. To save time, you can set up automated emails to go out at various stages of the selling process.

3. Shipping Time. Shipping time is rated on how long it takes for you to send the item, from the time you receive the payment. It should not be based on how long it takes your courier to get the item to your buyer.

4. Shipping and Handling charges. Your shipping and handling charges need to be fair. Do not overcharge buyers for packaging or shipping costs to compensate for a low priced item.

Above all else, aspiring PowerSellers need to understand that achieving the status takes a lot of time and commitment, and is not an overnight achievement. Also remember that maintaining your PowerSeller status requires the same effort.

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