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Frequently Asked Questions by New eBay Sellers

faq about ebay businessesNew eBay sellers are never short of questions. In fact, it is every good to ask people who are more experienced as you can learn some crucial things that may not immediately be apparent when you set out as a seller.

In this article, we’ll look at the most frequently asked questions by new eBay sellers. As you’ll notice, the answers are pretty short and aimed at novice sellers.

With experience, new sellers will realize that most of these issues are far more complicated and varied. It means the answers to any of these questions can vary depending on the prevailing situation.

How Should I Determine My Starting Price?

For a fact, lower prices tend to attract more bids. Also, it’s a fact that auction listings that get lots of bids tend to push the price higher. Therefore you’ll always want to start with low prices.

However, things are a bit different if the item you’re selling is expensive and you cannot afford to lose even a dollar or it, or if the item is very specialized and the bidders will be a select few. These two cases mat call for a higher starting price.


What’s the Most Ideal Time To Start an Auction?

Note that your auction’s starting time is less significant than the ending time. The auction duration you choose will determine the day on which you should start your auction. Statistics have shown over the years that auctions ending Sunday and Monday evening (PST) receive the most bids, hence the most visibility. However, this is not the case for every product so experiment with your own products and your target market.

What Product Should I sell On eBay?

When it is your very first time to sell on eBay, start with items around your house that you don’t need.

On top of the much needed selling experience, you’ll get some little cash to get your eBay business off the ground.

Don’t get excited and start off looking for the hottest item because as a new and small seller, you don’t have the know-how to compete favorably with top sellers and the resources to purchase stock in bulk.

Should I use Upgrade Features with My Listings?

It really depends on a number of things but in the end, it boils down to return on investment. For instance, it doesn’t make any business sense to use the Bold option (at $1) when you’re selling a $5 item. if you think that an item will bring in at least $20, then you can use the bold item. The Gallery option is always a good one to use as it gets you more views to your listing.

How Long Should My Auctions Run?


The unwritten rule here is to run popular items for 3 to 5 days. Ordinarily, the duration should be 5 to 7 days. One day auctions are normally for event tickets. Longer auctions are usually for very expensive items.

What Should My Listing Include?

You should put everything you deem important about your item. ensure that the description is concise and if possible, describe the physical aspects. Don’t forget to put payment options, as well as shipping details and return policy.

When Should I leave Feedback?

If you offer quality products consistently, then make sure you always keep in touch with your customers. Give great customer service as this is one thing that makes many sellers lose customers. You can post feedback as soon as you’ve received payment for an item.

These are some of the most asked questions by new eBay sellers. Answers may vary from situation to situation but generally, these guidelines apply to many scenarios.

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