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Easy Steps to Build Trust as a Seller on eBay

building trust on ebayIf you want to succeed in your online business endeavors, you have to follow certain steps in order get you closer to that goal.

For example, having an account in eBay and selling off a few items every now and then is not enough, you have to be able to build trust as a seller on eBay if you want to be one of the best at it.

Being able to build trust would not only enhance your good reputation as a seller but it would also help get your old customers to come back for more transactions and you also get to entice new ones.

Thus, little by little, you help expand and grow your business even without too much effort on your side. Yes, you can actually use your customers to take part of this trust-building process as well.

1) Sell quality items

You cannot just raid your closet or your storage room and sell whatever junk you can find in there. If you want to be the best eBay seller there is, be sure that you actually list saleable items and those that are worth every dime or dollar it is being spent on. Also, make sure that your items do not just look good in the photos but also in person – your buyer will eventually get to see them.

2) Give the most accurate descriptions that you could provide

Your potential customers rely on the accurate descriptions that you provide them. Be sure that you give simple, understandable and true descriptions. If your item happens to have a few minor flaws, indicate them. People who are determined to get such item would still want to have it, even with the signs of wear and tear – just do not surprise them.

3) Provide correct contact information

how to create trusts for online businessesIf you want to build trust as a seller on eBay then provide updated contact information. This will make it easier for your customers to reach you should they have questions about your items. This will also give them the assurance that you are indeed enthusiastic about selling your items.

4) Give your customers several payment options

Customers would like their stores to be flexible in the way they receive money so be sure to provide other ways to have payments sent. Aside from PayPal, you might also opt for credit card payment, bank funds transfer or wired money transfer. Adjust to the needs of your customer.

5) If possible, provide free shipping

Customers love to get things free and providing free shipping would entice them to buy items on your listing. Online shopping can be scary and you will just have to trust your seller to really send you your orders after payment. Free shipping gives that certain level of assurance that your business is trustworthy. The same thing also goes for money-back guarantees.

6) Encourage your customers to give feedback on your service

Sometimes, your efforts just are not enough so you might want to get the help of your customers. After every transaction (or after every delivery confirmation), encourage your customers to leave a feedback so that other potential customers would know how good you are in keeping your word and so that you would know which areas to improve on.

Follow these simple steps to build trust as a seller on eBay and you should run a very successful and profitable online business as a eBay powerseller.

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