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Do You Want To Write eBay Titles

writing titles on ebayThe reason you need to write good eBay titles is for potential buyers to easily find your auction listings.

Essentially, the first way you advertise on eBay is through your listing title and description. However, you’re only limited to 55 characters for the title, and you must fit all possible search phrases within.

Majority of buyers on eBay will search by title, rather than category so you need to be more careful with your titles. Statistics have shown that 80 percent of users find products through the search feature.

On that note, it is extremely crucial that your auction listings appear in search results because buyers will not bid on your auctions if they can’t find them through search.

What is an effective title?

An effective title is one written with great care; generally one written with the buyer in mind. It is one written such that every word included will increase the chances of the auction listing appearing in search results. This will help drive free traffic to your ebay listings.

An effective title doesn’t appear in any results but only pertinent ones. A search results means that if a buyer is searching for ‘Acer notebooks’, then only auctions with Acer notebooks will be displayed.

The beauty with an effective title is that it not only targets as many buyers as possible, but also differentiates between those who are specifically looking for that product and those who are not. 

Here are a few tips to guide you on writing an effective title:

• Do not include non-essential words in your titles: Let’s examine the following title: ‘Wow!!! very rare Dell notebook on sale at low price’. Words like ‘very rare’, ‘wow’ and ‘!!!’ are some of the non-essential words because no user is going to search for them. However, ‘notebook’ and ‘Dell’ are important keywords.

• Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes: Imagine for a second that you are a buyer looking for the same item as you’re trying to sell, what words would you type when searching for it? You can also engage your customers and establish how they search for items they want.

• Keep an eye on your competitors: Competition is good and you should always be open-minded. Watch what your competitors are doing – especially ones that seem to be doing so well – and learn from them. You can also look out for grey areas and try to better them. Look closely at how they structure their titles, and the keywords they use.

• Make sure you include specific information about your product: You must have realized that there are hundreds of sellers offering thousands of similar products as you’re selling, and buyers know this too. So what they do is use specific keywords to narrow down the search their results. You must fully describe the item and give details about model type, number, and brand name, among others.

• Generally, a title ought to target a specific buyer, helping both the seller and the buyer. Buyers want to quickly and easily find products; that’s why they use specific terms. Sellers want potential buyers looking for their items to easily locate them. Therefore, an effective title brings a buyer and seller together.

You can employ these tips to write effective eBay titles.

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