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Do Not Bother Selling THESE on eBay

stuff you should not sell on ebayThousands of prospective eBay sellers want to sell stuff on eBay. There’s no doubt eBay is one of the leading home businesses out there, so it can only be natural that many people are trying to find profitable stuff to sell on the giant online market place. However, there are some items that you shouldn’t even give a second thought.

Here are some of those items:

1. ‘Bootleg’ movies, music or television shows. There are some individuals who sneak movie cameras into a recently released movie where, apparently, they record a shoddy copy while squatting behind a seat. Such counterfeit material is very common in Asia where US laws can apply.

2. Copied or pirated software and computer games are illegal sale items under US laws. Normally, you can sell items like software or games if you have copies of the originals you purchased.

3. Replicas are definitely not allowed for resale although such items find their way into brick-and-motor stores around the US.

4. There are some lazy and dishonest sellers who steal copyrighted material from other eBay sellers. Of course, many honest sellers have suffered from this shameless nicking, and there’s a program on eBay called Verified Rights Owner (VERO) that pulls down delinquent auctions, although it is unfortunate that the seller doesn’t suffer any penalties.

5. The sale of alcoholic drinks is not permissible but beverage containers – particularly wine containers – can be sold for its value.

6. does not allow the sale of cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, and any coupons for these items.


Rules for alcohol and tobacco collectible containers are similar:

o Item value is not in the wine or tobacco itself, rather in the collectible packaging.

o It should be clearly explained in the listing description that the wine/tobacco contained in the package is not for consumption, although package is still intact.

o The tobacco/wine collectible packaging must not be sold by any retail outlet, and the value of the packaging must be significantly higher than the prevailing retail price of the tobacco/wine contained in it.

o Sellers must make all efforts to ascertain that the buyer of the collectible is 18 years and above.

7. Firearms may not be sold on as they have strict regulation under US law.

8. The Federal Trade Commission forbids cable TV and satellite descramblers.

9. Animals and wildlife merchandize are not permissible on eBay, including stuffed birds and pelts from endangered species. Animal products with limited sales include ivory, marine products, tortoise shell, among others. This is a pretty complex area and it is imperative that any prospective seller thoroughly understands the different laws before dealing with animal merchandize.

10. State laws make the sale of event tickets complicated. Usually, state restrictions apply if both seller and buyer are in the same state. They may not necessarily hold if buyer is in a different state.

11. It is not allowed for a seller to list a catalog of items offered for sale. The only allowable catalogs on eBay are for collectibles.

12. EBay totally doesn’t allow the sale of prizes and raffles.

There are other items that may not be permissible on eBay, so every seller should go through eBay rules before listing.

resale rights blueprint

resale rights blueprints

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