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Make Extra Money with Affiliate Marketing Networks

affiliate marketing for extra cashAffiliate marketing is a commission-based internet marketing system where marketers (also called affiliates or affiliate marketers) are paid when they successfully promote and lead to the sale of a product. A lot of people think that affiliate marketing is easy but in reality, it is not. It takes hard work, preparation, and persistence to profit from affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing chain consists of four principal players:

• The company that owns the product for sale – merchant

• The affiliate network

• The affiliate marketer or affiliate – the individual who promotes the product.

• The customer – the end user who buys the product

Affiliate marketers often find themselves using other internet marketing techniques when promoting their affiliate products, such as SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, paid search adverts, and email marketing. However, less conventional internet marketing methods are also used sometimes, including blog commenting, writing product reviews, etc.

But how can you really earn some reasonable extra cash with affiliate marketing?

To start with, do not expect to earn a living from affiliate marketing alone, unless you’re really a well established affiliate and have been around for some time. Nonetheless, affiliate marketing is a good way to earn supplemental income.

The first thing to do is to sign up as an affiliate on an affiliate network. Once you get into the network, you can then search for advertisers. In some systems, advertisers are listed in categories such that you choose according to category. Other systems are more specialized, for instance, a weight loss affiliate network specializes in weight loss products while a network for electronics only promotes electronic products.

Good places to check out for affiliate networks are: Clickbank, and ShareASale.

affiliate marketing for ebay storesWhile having your own website is good for promoting affiliate products, it’s not a must to have one. You can promote products using social networking pages, a personal blog, or even through a newsletter. However, if you’re going to be a serious affiliate, you will want to start your own website.

After you’ve signed on to a network, it’s time to pick the products or category of products you’re going to promote. This is the trickiest part because there are literally millions of affiliate products and thousands of marketers as well. So, choosing a product category that is easy to sell may not be easy. Additionally, you need to consider the commission being offered on a product.

Specialization is important when selecting products to promote. You want to select a product that offers reasonably higher commission, but if a high paying product is unrelated to your blog, then the ads you place on it will simply be out of place because you will not be attracting the right kind of leads to buy that product.

When you’ve settled on a product category, you then start to promote and try to convert as many leads as possible. The two key things to making money as an affiliate is attracting traffic (promoting a product), and then converting that traffic into actual sales leads. Remember, you will only earn money when a sale is made.

In summary, making extra money with affiliate marketing entails signing up to a network, selecting an advertiser category, choosing a product, and then promoting that product to make an actual sale. There are many tools and tactics you can use to maximize your earnings, depending on the products you’re promoting.

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