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How to Use IMeye to Spot Profitable Niches

im eyeIMeye is a very powerful tool that you can take advantage of finding profitable niches and gaining an advantage over the competition that are simply not utilizing it.

The real reason that people have been able to explode their business online is because they have been able to afford the exact research and development that IMeye offers for mainstream now.

Let's examine the features that it has so that you can get a clear understanding of how you can apply it to your business. Examining Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Domains and Niches

You might be frustrated when you are going after Adsense campaigns and not finding the right solutions. With this software, it allows you to compete instantly.

You can go after keywords and SEO techniques by gaining this valuable information. Within the software of IMeye, you have several customizable filters such as;

* Monthly Searches
* Competition on Keywords
* In Title Competition
* Adwords Highbids
* Advertiser Comp. Estimate
* Keyword Length
* E-Commerce
* Domain Match

This is just the default heading filters that allow you to sort your information. When you filter your headings, you have the keywords really come to you.

How you are going to find profitable niches is by tweaking all this information that comes in and find keyword phrases that have the potential to be profitable.

seo for online businessesFor SEO purposes, if you want to go after SEO strategies for organic purposes for profitable niches, you can click on the headings and see how we can get the lowest competition. I would suggest that you go after a low number of Monthly Searches for SEO (around 15000/month) and click to look for less than 25000 In Title competition.

What this will do is allow you to see the keywords that you are actually able to compete with and are not dominated. You will want to only look for E-Commerce sites as well because you want to find keywords that are profitable.

If you are expecting to sell items that have yet to sell, then you are going to have a harder time doing something completely new.

What you are going to be looking for are pockets of keywords that are not dominated where you can be a part of the game. Common sense tells us that keyword phrases with one or two keywords are already going to be out of our league.

This is why you need to set the Keyword Length to 3 and above. This will give you a more specific keyword phrase where people are looking for specific items.

There is a very powerful tool that also allows you to find a profitable niche by giving you an icon to see if the keyword competition has an available domain.

You can actually set the search results to the numbers that you want to compete against and then you see the keywords that are within that pocket. In the Domain section, you can click to purchase the domain and have a website that already gets traffic.

The reason why this is so exciting is because you dictate the limitations where you can compete and IMeye delivers you the keyword phrases.

It doesn't get any better than this. It is so easy to customize the options for you to see. Of course, you are going to have to play with the software.

You can't just read a book on building a car engine and expect to know how to build one. You are going to have to go in there and get your hands dirty and learn by practical application.

Check it out here to find out more:

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