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How to Sell Your Crafts on eBay

selling homemade craft on ebayHand-made crafts are a good product choice to sell on eBay. The range of hand-made crafts and materials is endless, therefore, you can avoid stiff competition by creating your own range of unique crafts.

However, not everything about selling crafts on eBay is rosy. On top of your artistic talents, you need business acumen, as well, to profitably sell crafts on eBay.

The following article discusses the basics of successfully selling crafts on eBay.

Search for the hottest selling crafts

Visit the Crafts Selling Center on eBay for a guide on the most in-demand crafts at a particular time. Your favorite crafts may not be popular with craft buyers on eBay. Below are examples of popular crafts on eBay:

Beaded crafts – Beard art is a popular choice for craft buyers on eBay. Whether it is jewelry or embroidered clothing, bead art is always in-demand. You can use any type of beads and whatever shape and size that you find appealing. Creativity is what matters with bead art, as with most crafts.

Pottery – Pottery is one of the most in-demand crafts on eBay. There are thousand s of buyers searching for one of a kind hand-made pieces, such as sculptures, vases, and any unique, original pottery you can think of.

Textiles and handiwork – If you have unique fabrics and textile handiwork, you can make thousands of dollars on eBay. Home décor is a popular handiwork on eBay but many other craft supplies sell fast as well.

Other popular crafts on eBay include rare traditional pieces, drawings and paintings, and kids’ crafts.

Attract Craft Buyers

After you’ve searched for the hottest selling crafts and chosen what you’re going to sell, it’s time to attract craft buyers.

Potential buyers use certain keywords to search for the particular crafts on eBay listings. So, you have to make it easy for them to find your crafts by strategically placing your keywords in your Listing Titles – it’s where the search engine looks during a search. You only have 55 characters to include the most important characteristics of your crafts, so use them wisely.

Use Photos to Showcase Your Unique Crafts

starting your craft business on ebayIt is through pictures that a potential buyer gets closest to ‘touching’ your crafts. This shows how important pictures are and why you need to do everything possible to create the best representation of your items through photos.

Use a background that will easily draw a buyer’s attention on your piece of craft. Take pictures of the item from all major angles, taking care to highlight important features. Also, ensure that the lighting is ideal.

Price Your Listings reasonably

Potential buyers get excited about low priced craft listings. A low starting price jumpstarts the bidding process and most probably results into a higher selling price.

In order to be successful with your auction listings, ensure that you get that first bid as quickly as possible, and then more customers will start bidding as well. People like to bid on items that already have some bids.

Accept Payment and Ship Your Crafts

PayPal is the default and easiest payment method on eBay, but credit and debit cards are acceptable too. Ensure that you clearly state all costs related to handling and shipping in your auction listing. A lot of buyers search by total cost, so this will help improve your eBay search ranking.

Take great care when packaging your items. They must not be damaged during shipping. All this, coupled with good communication, help to build your reputation as a trustworthy craft seller.

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