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How to Obtain a USA Postal Address for International Sellers

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How to Obtain a USA Postal Address for International Sellers

If you live outside of the United States, dealing with the deliveries of mail could be an issue. It is obviously more expensive to continue to ship items from country to country because of the shipping fees.

If you are running your eBay store from outside the United States, and having a difficult time understanding your options, you'll soon find out that it is not as difficult as you may think it is to start an online business dealing with US customers.

Having said that, there are some options for you to take into consideration and see if the services or methods would be right for you and your eBay business. If you have a customer that lives in California, and you live in Australia, there are mail forwarding companies that can help you so that you save costs.

What a mail forwarding company does is take your application and set you up with a US postal address. This address is actually to the mail forwarding company.

You might even want to choose a mail forwarding company in a certain state that you think will save costs. Be cautious of where you might think your American shoppers might be.

If you are selling items in your eBay store that tailor to the needs of surfers then you might want to choose a place like California because the surfing community dominates the West coast.

The reason why international sellers like yourself choose places like Denver, is because Denver is centrally located within the US and therefore it saves on US shipping fees. Bear in mind this shipping tip for eBay sellers particularly if you are doing business in the US.

The fees are really minimal, but the point is to cut costs wherever possible for the purpose of your bottom line. Let me explain what a mail forwarding service can do for you in more detail. The first thing that you will need to do is to find a company that you want to work with.

The top three are:

get a usa address for your businessWhen you contact them they will request authorization by you filing the Form 1856. Once they receive it and file it, you will get a US postal address.

Once you have an address, you can start placing your new address on your sites, business cards, etc. One tip that I would give is to change the one part from Box 313 to Suite 313, for example.

It's just a little measure to give off the impression that you are an actual building and not just outsourcing a post office.

What is really great about the better mail forward companies is that they are the most organized establishments out there. They will take each piece of mail that they receive and catalogue it by an index.

They will also take digital pictures of that package or envelope and place them onto your personal online account that they have set you up with!

Then when you log onto your account, you see who sent it, when they sent it, and what it looks like.

The costs that you incur also need to be taken into consideration.

Expect to pay $25-$50 for a setup fee, about $10-$30 monthly fee, and shipping costs depend on the volume and weight. Most of the rates are within reason. They are definitely a lot better than transporting mail back and forth from multiple countries.

This is your best option to have a US address which offers exceptional options and service. I believe once you get setup with a service like this, you will be addicted if you enjoy automation and digitalization.

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