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How to Get More Repeat Sales from Existing Customers

repeat customers on ebayGetting somebody to buy what you're selling on eBay, for a price that makes you money, is why you put so much effort into the whole eBay process.

So when you've done everything right to attract that buyer, and get them interested enough in what you're selling to part with their money, why waste all that effort.

Instead of simply being pleased with your sale, and starting the process all over again to find your next new customer, you should be putting processes in place that generate more sales from the customers you've already got.

After all, they bought from you once, and if you made their buying experience a positive one, it shouldn't take much to convince them to buy from you again.

Any good eBay seller should be trying to get additional sales from their buyers, but what are the best ways on how to make repeat sales online?

Promote your other items on eBay - eBay has a number of options you can set up in the Marketing Tools section of your My eBay page, to promote your other items.

Setting up your cross promotion will show other items the buyer may be interested in when they place a bid, and you can choose to promote similar items on the update e-mails eBay sends to buyers who are watching your listings.

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You can even arrange to cross promote with other eBay sellers. If you were selling books on keeping tropical fish, for example, you could promote another sellers tropical fish supplies at the bottom of your listing.

They would do the same for you, and you would both benefit from extra traffic to your listings.

You should also encourage your buyers to add you to their Favourite Seller list, then you can send them regular e-mails about your latest and best products, as well as reports and newsletters you create about your particular niche.

Set up combined shipping discounts for your customers if you are selling multiples of the same item, or items that complement each other.

When the buyer sees that they can get a reduction in the cost of shipping if they buy more items from you, and by spending a bit more, they will actually be getting each item for less.

You should look into opening an eBay store. You will benefit from having all your listings in one place, so when they buyer visits your store, they could buy more than one item, just as they might in a physical store.

The eBay store has a number of other benefits as well, and it's great for combining all your cross-promotion activity.

Market to your customers outside of eBay - If you haven't already, think about getting your own website to send your new customers to.

You can promote other products you are selling and maybe even offer special deals for valued customers.

If you include some useful advice and information on the site, buyers will enjoy coming back, and they'll know they can find what they need when they are ready to make another purchase.

You could sign up to an autoresponder service like AWeber, which lets you schedule regular e-mails and send them out to every customer on your list automatically.

These can be updates on new stock, a free newsletter on your niche, or even free gifts and discount offers.

It's even possible to set up your PayPal account so that when a new customer pays you, they are automatically added to your e-mail list, and will receive your promotional e-mails.

The benefit of having your own website to send new customers to, and marketing to them off eBay, is that you no longer have to pay eBay's fees.

If you're not technically minded, or don't want the cost of setting up your own website, an alternative service like eCrater will let you set up and host your own online store, for free.

Once you get a new customer, you can send them to your new online store, where you will make more profit from any future purchases.

getting people to buy again from you on ebayNow we've looked at the practical tips for getting more repeat business, it's time to look at the bigger picture. Getting your customers to come back and buy from you again and again is pretty simple really.

Essentially you need to make sure your customer's buying experience is a positive one, so that when they need to make another purchase, they know they are going to be happy buying from you again.

You should understand your customers, and try to build relationships with them. Simple things, like a hand-written thank you note included with the item they've bought, or a free gift, which doesn't have to cost you much, will make your customer feel appreciated.

Sending them an e-mail to let them know that you've got some new stock in that would go really well with the item they bought last week, is a great way to market to them, but will also make them feel valued at the same time.

Customers don't usually mind you staying in touch and marketing to them, as long as it's relevant to their needs, and you don't hound them or get too pushy.

If you follow some of the practical advice above, and make your customers the focus of your business, it will do wonders for your repeat sales.

Make sure you use these tips in your selling strategy this week.

And if you want to reach out to more buyers, try using "Income Kickstart".

One of the best ways that you can reach out to more buyers is by creating a mailing list that you can use to get in touch with subscribers and tell them about all your new products, and offer them incentives like discounts on their next purchase.

Internet marketers all around the world profess that this is one of the most lucrative marketing tools they employ.

But, the tough part is building this list; it's illegal to just buy email addresses and randomly bombarded them with information about your products. And for good reason - I'm sure you hate spam just as much as I do!

Plus, you're so much better off getting 'targeted traffic' with lists of people who are interested in what you are selling.

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