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How to Find UK Dropshippers

uk dropshippingThere is plenty of potential to succeed by drop shipping in the UK. the first thing that you need to do is to figure out which items you want to sell and which company does the most proficient job at handling those particular items.

Some items that you sell in your eBay store may be vulnerable to international couriers and may need to be handled with great caution.

But if your items are durable and the packaging just needs to be equipped and sent, then there are actually several avenues to take.

Look for UK companies with experience. The last thing that you want to do when doing business with a UK drop shipper is to work with one that is brand new. Check out the following dropshipping tips to get started...

You need to find companies that have been in business for more than 2 years.

After the drop shipper has been in business for more than 2 years, they seem to have a grasp on a wide variety of operation management that they worked through with their growing pains.

The strategies for finding a respectable and efficient UK drop shipper will be found in three ways:

1) Found in a directory ending in There are plenty of directories and companies out there that want to give you the very best information on all the drop shippers in the world.

What they will do is promise you that they have the best directory and listings for just about anything.

But in my experience, I've noticed that the best directories and listings for UK drop shippers are directories and listings within the UK.

Doesn't this just sound logical? Try who I have heard great things about.

Countries will know more about companies doing business in their countries than they will by being a one-stop shop all around the world.

uk online dropshipping2) Actively search PowerSellers that are using UK dropshippers. My advice to you would be to stay away from people that don't sell a lot of volume or that try to sell you lists of drop shippers, or a course (affiliate obviously), that you can go through to learn how to find and use a good UK drop shipper.

What they are really trying to do is to lead you to another middle man.

So the best way to go about this is to go to a PowerSeller and ask politely who they are using and for some general advice. If you are selling similar products out of the UK, then they might be hesitant.

But on the other hand, right now you wouldn't be a threat to them because you are just starting out.

3) Beware of fees. There seems to be a lot of people that want you to find UK drop shippers (or any for that matter) by paying a fee.

Do not fall for this trap. Drop shippers will not want you to pay a fee to sell their product. Just simply avoid them.

4) Find an actual authentic company. There are thousands of products out there that sell from the UK.

But there are also items that they sell things like designer mirrors, hand crafted wooden toys, and scented soaps that are real products that they sell in their stores.

You get to these stores by researching their trade shows that UK holds.

It's the same in almost any country. The country that has unique items to their particular region is going to have trade shows.

So take a trip to a trade show in your industry and go. What you are going to need to do beforehand is to search in the search engine for the Item + Review + UK.

When you find a site that offers reviews on the items that are based in the UK, you can go after those companies that articles are based on.

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