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How to Drive Bidders from eBay to Your Web Site

boost your website trafficEBay policy prohibits sellers from driving traffic from their auction listings to their e-commerce websites. As a seller, there are many benefits you reap by selling items from your own website.

Firstly, you don’t need to wait for an auction to end to be able to sell an item; therefore, you can sell instantly. Secondly, you don’t incur listing and selling fees, which increases your profit margin.

EBay is a business, so it’s understandable why it wouldn’t want sellers to avoid listing and selling fees. However, sellers too are in business and they will devise every means possible to increase their profits. There’s no doubt that having your own website as a seller is advantageous. The point is to drive traffic to your site from eBay using authentic means. Here’s how to drive traffic from eBay to your site using lawful means.

• The first thing you need to do is to check out the latest eBay policy updates. EBay makes changes to its policies frequently. Therefore, check to make sure you are not in violation of any policy.

• When you’re familiar with the latest eBay policies, it’s time to drive traffic to your site. On your About Me page, place a link to your website and then a link to your auction advert. It is legal as per eBay policy but you need to encourage bidders to check out your About Me page before they bid. There’s a high chance for a potential buyer to visit your website after they check out your About Me page. Use your About Me page to give details about your business in general.

redirect traffic from ebay stores to website• In your email communications with potential buyers, ensure that your email signature has the URL to your site. This is essentially free advertisement that is legitimate; therefore, use your email signature to give your website free exposure.

• Every eBay seller knows that bargain hunters like to make as many inquiries as possible. As you answer their queries through direct email, if you can access their addresses. Note that many potential buyers are wary of transacting outside eBay, so mind your wording. Don’t use persuasive language. It’s better to establish trust first, and then you can give your contact information, including a URL to your website.

• Promote your business name and logo. Your business for which you built an e-commerce site should be a registered entity, with a proper name and logo. Promote these on your auctions but do not include addresses and the website URL on your auction advert because it’s not legal according to eBay policy. If people see your business name, they will search for it on search engines and end up at your site.

• You can even use your website’s name for your eBay store name or ID. For instance, if you have a website like ‘’, you can use ‘exoticshoes’ as your eBay ID. Just don’t include the ‘.com’ because it violates eBay policy.

• Finally, some of the things that eBay doesn’t regulate are the packing slips, packaging materials and shipping labels. All these can be used for free advertisement to drive traffic to your site. Remember to give customers shopping at your website a great experience. They will sell your website by word of mouth.

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