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How to Decide What to Sell Online

what to sell onlineIf you were to go onto eBay right now, I am willing to bet you that you can find just about anything that your wildest imaginations could muster - within reason.

The point is that there are so many options as to what you could sell on eBay, that you could spend weeks looking for the perfect type of products to sell to your customers.

So we are going to spend a few minutes here to make some clarifying decisions on what is appropriate and in alignment with the goals and nature of your business.

If your intention is to go on eBay and sell whatever sells to the masses, then let's take a step back and realize that the items that sell in large volumes are naturally dominated by the big boys who own several eBay Anchor stores.

I do not want to dishearten you or deter you from going after selling iPods or mp3 players, or whatever the hottest item is, but you need to be aware of the very competitive nature of selling products online.

Now back to deciding what to buy and sell online to make money on eBay: If you have a brick and mortar store that sells shoes and you want to dip into the online auction world, there are a few questions that need answers to get us in the proper mindset on what to sell.

Start by asking yourself:

What do I think I can sell?

What do I have that is unique on eBay?

How do I make the items that I sell fit into a smaller niche?

Who are my customers?

How much money do I have to invest?

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Pre-existing knowledge of your own items will give you a better understanding. It could be something like a profession that you are in, a hobby that you enjoy, or even something that you learn about consistently.

So, let's run with the shoes example, just to demonstrate. Shoes are definitely a large category in the eBay arena and now we need to be specific and pick the brand and colors that sell. If you wish to see if there are trends in your particular brand of shoe, you can go to:

This gives current snapshots of the keywords that are being searched and the amount of searches on them. That also goes for each individual category for eBay - not just in general. If you go onto that website you can start to get a feel for what is selling in your niche.

Here is another eBay resource to see what the best selling items are:

It's no secret that eBay favors the big players. They are trying to make money like everyone else. While this does mean that it can be a little harder for new sellers, it really just means that you have to be a little savvy when it comes to standing out from your competitors.

You can tie your eBay store into other mediums. If there is a hot topic or movie, post it on Facebook and try to lure in the buyers that way.

I would advise you to stay informed on the topics that are relevant to your business. With the advent of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds there are plenty of ways to keep informed.

Here are a few websites where you might like to sign up to their RSS feeds:

These are only a few of the companies that keep track of the ever-changing trends on society that ultimately affect the bottom line. You should keep track of these reports as they stream that relevant information to you.

That's exactly what the big boys do on eBay that keeps them at the top of their game.

If you fail to keep current with new products that are coming out or what is happening in the news, than you find yourself frustrated because the items that you list will have seen their peak and trailed off.

You may also decide to sell second hand goods. The garage sale business is still booming.

If there are recessions and economic fluxes, there are opportunities. It's how eBay was started in the first place!

Start searching outside of the box. That's where the true fortunes are made. If you just decide to sell what everyone else is selling, then it can prove to be fruitless. If you do the opposite, then there just might be money to be made.

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