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How to Automate your eBay Listings

automate ebay listingsAutomating your eBay listings is the best way to eliminate all the busy work that comes with listing and managing auctions on eBay. PowerSellers swear by automating software as it allows them to free up their time which is usually spent on menial tasks.

Plus it gives them more time for hunting out new niches, building relationships with suppliers, and taking their business to the next level selling online!

There are so many options available to sellers. The best software options act as your very own personal assistants by taking care of the tasks you just don't have time for.

When you are deciding which option to go with, consider each applications software, and how it will meet your needs to making money on eBay.

For example, if you are not so great at remembering to send out post-sale emails, look for automating software that has a strong system in place for this.

Likewise, if you often forget to place feedback on buyers, find a program that will take care of this for you. eBay Selling Manager Pro is a very popular option.

It helps you to create listings, keep track of your stock (no more listing and selling items you have sold out of!), and assists you in managing your post-sale tasks.

Many users are impressed the efficiency of Selling Manager Pro. For example, when you log in, you'll see a summary with a list of which buyers have paid, saving you the time that is usually required to check for payments.

You're going to love what Selling Manager Pro can do to help you with placing feedback on buyers; upon login, you'll also be shown which buyers are waiting on feedback. With one simple click, you can leave feedback to all these buyers. Simple and fantastic eBay automation tool!

Another way that Selling Manager Pro streamlines your processes is by sending out email reminders to buyers. You can set up email alerts to be sent to buyers who have not made payment after X amount of days.

For sellers, this means less time spent dealing with slack buyers. It also means that your items spend as little time as possible offline, when they could be relisted and sold to another buyer.

Selling Manager Pro offers a 30 day free trial, and will cost you US$15.99 per month. Or if you have a Premium or Anchored Store subscription, your subscription is free.

For all the Mac users out there, Garage Sale ( is the tool for you to use to increase productivity and help you sail through your eBay selling.

This software has been praised by fellow Mac users who loved Garage Sale's ability to quickly and very simply get your items online, and help users stay on top of both throughout the duration of the auction, as well as after it has ended.

One key benefit of Garage Sale is it's Free Image Hosting feature which allows you to host 10 of your your product images for free. This can save you money by eliminating fees usually paid to eBay to list more than one photo.

Instead, you can simply enter the URL of where your images are hosted. Wave goodbye excessive eBay fees! Garage Sale will cost you US$34.99 to purchase whichgets you free updates.


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