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How to Attract More Buyers to Your Auctions

how to attract buyers to your storesThe success of your eBay business depends on how good you are at attracting buyers to your auctions. Your business isn't going to grow if you simply add a listing and hope potential buyers are going to find it.

You need to get your listings to show up in as many search results as possible, and make sure your listings stand out in those search results.

So how do you make sure your listings show up more and get noticed? Here are some basic tips for getting more buyers to your auctions.

It's all in the title - When a buyer searches for an item, eBay looks at the words they've used in their search, and matches them to the words all the eBay sellers have used in the title of their listing.

The listings that are the best match for the buyers search are the ones that that appear at the top of the results list. This is a critical tip for listing titles in eBay to get traffic to your auctions.

Therefore, if you can make sure your listing titles match as many customer searches as possible, they'll show up in more search results.

What you need to do is get inside the head of your potential customers, and think like they do. If you were looking for your item, what words and phrases would you be using?

Some buyers will be very specific and search on brand names and even model numbers. Other buyers are more casual and might browse using very general terms. If you can cover as many of these alternatives as possible, your listings have a better chance of showing up in more searches.

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Use a combination of the product type, brand, model, color, and condition and any other keywords you think your buyer might be searching with.

eBay gives you 55 character for your title, and you need to make sure you use all of them to get as many of your keywords in as possible.

An excellent tool for helping you refine your listing titles, based on actual searches on eBay, is eBay's' BayEstimate.

By entering your proposed title, it will show you how effective each of the keywords are, and suggest others you can use instead or as well, to give you really powerful titles to market you listings.

Stand out from the crowd

Once you've managed to get your listings in more search results, you need to make sure your potential buyer clicks on your item rather than your competitor's.

To do this you need to make your listings stand out from the rest. Consider paying for some of the listing upgrades eBay offers, such as a subtitle and picture upgrades.

A subtitle won't help you appear in more search results, but it's great for providing a little bit of extra information to get the buyer to click on your listing.

The same is true for picture upgrades. Assuming your listings have great pictures in them, paying a little bit extra so the buyer sees a larger picture in their search results, can really draw them in.

Other upgrades are available on different eBay sites, and if they help your listings stand out in the search results, you might want to consider using them.

Look beyond eBay

getting buyers to auction sitesIf you've perfected the titles for your listings, and invested in some useful upgrades as well, you want to try attracting customers who aren't already looking on eBay.

There are a number of simple marketing techniques you can use on the wider internet, to interest viewers enough so they come to check out your listings. Writing eBay reviews can gain traffic to your listings easily. Here's how it works -

Write reviews of your main products, and upload them to other websites, article sites, forums and blogs, all with a link to your listing on eBay.

People will read your review and if they like the sound of the product, they'll click on the link you've added and go your your listing.

You could even start your own product review or advice blog on one of the free blogging platforms, and link to all your eBay listings.

Attracting more buyers to your auctions is about properly marketing your listings with the tools eBay provides.

It's also about marketing outside of eBay, and the successful sellers are the ones who use a variety of methods to drive customers to their auctions.

After all, more customers should mean more sales!

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