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How do $2 Dollar eBooks and CDs Make a Profit on eBay?

selling ebooks on ebayWe live in an age of information. The internet has made it possible to find out just about anything you would want to know.

However, rather than having to spend hours looking for it, a lot of people would rather pay to have that information given to them in the form of a report or ebook, which is a digital version of a book that you can download.

Marketing information is big business, and it wasn't too long ago that you could make a lot of money using one of the internet's biggest marketplace, eBay, to sell cheap eBooks for a few dollars.

The best thing was, because the ebook was digital, there was no physical stock to manage or send out, the customer paid you, and you simply sent them a link so they could download the product.

However, this all changed recently, when eBay banned the selling of digitally downloaded products on their sites.

Sellers now needed to create a physical product from the ebook to sell online, and then actually ship it out to the customer, or move on and sell something else.

But if you look at using eBay in a different way, it is possible to still make a lot of money selling $2 ebooks, and here's how.

The first thing you need to do is to stop thinking about the profit you make on each ebook sale, and look at the bigger picture. Making money in Information Marketing, it's all about two things; the list and the back end.


The list is the customers who's information you've captured so you can market to them again and again.

The information can be as basic as a name and an e-mail address, or it could include a phone number and a physical address, as long as you have some way of getting in contact with them.

The back end is the term used to describe the more expensive, follow up products you try to sell to your customers, products that are related to what they have already bought or shown an interest in, but give you a much higher profit margin.

The general idea is that you offer a customer something that they want, in this case an ebook with information they need, for a low price.

Providing good information for next to no cost doesn't sound like a great way to make money, but you are likely to get more customers to buy your ebook if it costs $2, than if it costs $10, and you want as many customers as possible.

Once the customer has bought your ebook, they provide their contact details to receive the product, and these are added to your list.

Now you have a way of marketing other, higher margin products to them, based on what they have already bought. This is one of the secrets of getting more repeat sales from existing customers - email marketing.

If they bought an ebook on fly-fishing tips for $2, do you think they might be interested if you e-mailed them about a fly-fishing audio course you are selling for $29?

If they bought the audio product, might they be interested in a video course from a fly-fishing expert for $99? You can see how that small eBook sale has now turned into $130 of sales, and it could even be more.

Of course some buyers might not buy your other products, but by selling your original ebook really cheap, you will have plenty of customers to try and convert. You might even make more money by giving your ebook away!

ebooks on ebayeBay has millions of customers, many of them looking for information, all of them looking for a bargain, but if you can't sell digital products any more, how do you sell ebooks on eBay. Well, there are a number of ways.

Sell a physical product - You could create a physical product to sell by copying the ebook onto a CD.

It costs next to nothing to make and to ship, and you'll have the buyers address and e-mail details, so you can market to them in the future.

You could even make sure there are links from the ebook they have bought, to your other products, so they may go and buy them without any more work from you.

Use eBay Classified - eBay still let's you sell digital products, if you use the Classified Ads format.

It's similar to an auction listing, except you provide your contact details (usually your email) and the customer gets in touch direct to buy the item.

The customer pays you and your send them a link to download the item. Once again, you have their contact details to sell other products to them, and with this method you can even set it up so it processes the transaction automatically.

Use your About Me page - You could make more money by giving your ebook away.

If you let your customers have your ebook, in return for them giving you their e-mail address, you might get even more names added to your list, which could mean more back end sales.

Your About Me page on eBay lets you offer free newsletters, reports and information to your customers when they fill out a form with their details.

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Whilst you might get more names this way, these customers haven't actually bought anything, so there's no guarantee they will buy your higher-priced items.

Customers who shown they are prepared to spend money are always better prospects for spending more money.

If you do it right, selling cheap ebooks on eBay is a great way to make money - you don't even have to write the ebooks yourself. There are plenty of people on the internet who will sell you ebooks, with the necessary rights so you can resell them.

eBay gives you access to millions of potential buyers, and marketing to these buyers over and over again is how you can make selling $2 ebooks a very profitable business indeed.

When selling eBooks and CDs, one of your biggest Hurdles will be attracting maximum buyers.   One of the best ways that you can do this is by creating a mailing list that you can use to get in touch with subscribers and tell them about all your new products, and offer them incentives like discounts on their next purchase.

Internet marketers all around the world profess that this is one of the most lucrative marketing tools they employ. But, the tough part is, building this list; it's illegal to just buy email addresses and randomly bombarded them with information about your products.

And for good reason - I'm sure you hate spam just as much as I do! Plus, you're so much better off getting 'targeted traffic' with lists of people who are interested in what you are selling.

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