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How To Keep Track Of Hundreds Of eBay Auctions At One Time

tracking your auctions on ebayIf you are new to eBay it may seem insane to keep track of hundreds of products and auctions at one time. But, there are some benefits to track auctions on eBay.

As a seller you should keep track of what your Competitors are doing, and how much they are selling their items for. This helps you keep at the top of your game, and ensures you can get the maximum profits possible.

Essentially, there are 2 ways to keep track of large volumes of eBay Auctions; You can do it the hard way, or the easy way. Let's look into each of these a little further.

The Hard Way.

Doing it the hard way means trawling through auction after auction. Doing it this way means that you get a thorough understanding of what your competitors are doing.

You can take a closer look at their item titles and descriptions, and you can see how much their items are selling for.

The downside here is that the hard way can teach you some hard lessons; it can take hours to search through listings manually, and your research time might be spent wisely doing something else.

The Easy Way.

keeping track of your ebay listingsThe easy way to track eBay auctions is to use specially designed software that does all the hard work for you.

There is some great software out there that allows you to keep your finger on the eBay's pulse, without having to spend hours of your own time hunting down the data you need to succeed as a seller on eBay.

The most successful sellers on eBay are the ones who are not afraid to take the time to learn how to utilize some of the highly useful software that automates a large part of their market research.

These sellers investigate different software options and eBay recommendations. They install it and find out that they were foolish not to automate right from the start. Now hundreds of auctions that are of interest to them are readily available at their fingertips. They can read, interpret, and analyze trends or pricing.

The best software to use is eBay certified options such as Auction Alert ( which automates your eBay research and makes sure you never mis out on important data again.

Best of all, it's free! Stuff Alert ( is another option.

Both of these applications allow you to enter keywords related to the items you want to research. The software then goes on a little hunting trip around eBay to find listings matching your search criteria.

It then returns all listings related to your search. From there, you can instantly view vital information such as reserve price, Buy It Now price and keywords used.

Hot Tip: To find the most relevant listings possible, make sure you use very specific keywords. For example, if you want to research women's skirts, don't simply enter the search query, "women's skirts".

Instead, add more descriptive keywords such as the color, style and brand so that the software only returns the most relevant search results to you.

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