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Getting eBay Negative Feedback Will Ruin Your Business

negative feedback on ebayIf you’re an eBay seller, one of the worst things that could happen to you is for a buyer to leave negative feedback for you. Because as you might be aware, eBay’s 2008 changes in rules included one that enables only buyers to leave feedback but sellers cannot do the same.

Of course, this left may eBay sellers frustrated and the rule became a hot topic of discussion on various eBay forums.

However, while it’s easy to put the blame on eBay and everything around, sellers would benefit if they invested more effort in trying to avoid the things that may cause them to earn negative feedback instead of waiting to blame the system.

Even if you could reply to negative feedback telling a buyer that they are wrong, this does not make you win.

Negative feedback has a direct impact on your sales, and can easily ruin your whole eBay business. For just one negative feedback, you would need dozens of positive feedback to cover it.

Let’s examine one scenario and look at the simplest ways to resolve the issue of negative feedback.

Negative Feedback That is Self Caused

The most common scenario is when you get negative feedback from your own making. It happens to many sellers on eBay every day. You will be surprised to discover that most of this negative feedback is deserving of the seller.

Of course as a seller, you will feel compelled to protest against this but let’s examine this further.

Imagine you’re a buyer on eBay and want to buy an item. You carry out a search and discover several sellers and eventually select only one that you feel meets your needs.

Think about this: a buyer has chosen you as best of the best and it’s only natural that he will expect the best from you. If it turns out that the buyer’s chosen best eBay seller disappoints in anyway, he will not hesitate to leave negative feedback. Can you really blame him? No.

You realize that many times, before buyers leave negative feedback, they try to get in touch with the sellers, who often think that the problem is never theirs.

Remember that as an eBay seller, your work is not only to sell a product but to make the buyer happy too.

Tips on Preventing Some Common Issues

bad feedbacks on ebay• Post about 4 or 5 clear, well-taken photos of the product you’ve listed. Make sure that all the physical details can be seen in those pictures, even the minor defects. This shows that you’re an honest seller who’s not just about getting as much sales as possible.

• Ensure the packaging is good and sturdy enough to protect the product during shipping. You’re responsible for delivering the product in usable condition.

• Keep in constant touch. Always get back to email queries promptly. By the way, lack of communication has earned many eBay sellers negative feedback so make sure you don’t overlook this issue.

• Buyers are human too and they are not stupid. They have feelings and are there only to get their problem solved, not to wreck your business. Therefore, ensure that a buyer’s problem is solved as to their expectations.

These are vital guidelines that will help you if followed correctly. Scenarios may differ but take these as general tips.

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