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Getting Visitors To Your About Me Page on eBay

about me page on ebayObviously, this is essential. eBay quite happily allows you to have a link on your About Me page which goes directly into your own website, so it’s in your own best interests to get as many people to see that link as possible.

To begin with, eBay gives you that little blue and red “me” symbol which appears alongside your eBay ID on all your listings. If anyone visiting your auctions clicks on this little symbol, they will be taken directly to your eBay About Me page.

The problem is everyone knows that little symbol is there but very few people ever click on it. After all, there is never any reason to, is there? It looks pretty but that’s about it.

Fortunately eBay also provides a solution to this problem, but you have to be pro-active in order to make it work for you (don’t worry, it’s easy). Have you ever been on one of those promotional single page websites and noticed how they steer you to do certain things?

Whether it’s ticking boxes to say “yes!” to the benefits of a product or using the “click here” button to request a free newsletter, the owners of these websites know that you are more likely to do something if they tell you exactly what it is they want you to do.

This may sound obvious to the majority of you; after all you know you have to “click here” in order to buy a product, but it’s all about making the process as easy as possible, and steering you towards the result the website owner wants.

how to make use of ebay about me pageYou can do this on all of your listings on eBay in order to drive more traffic to your About Me page. It also helps to position you as a more helpful and accessible seller.

Simply put a line in all your auctions asking customers to “Click here to visit my About Me page on eBay.”

eBay allows you to do this in its policies section – which, by the way, is advisable to visit on a regular basis, just to make sure you are staying on the right side of any policy changes.

You can then make the word “here” a clickable link by using simple HTML. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to do this – all you need to do is copy and paste the following line of HTML into all your listings, making sure you replace the words “About Me page URL” with the URL to your own About Me page, including the http:// part. <a href=”About Me page URL”>here</a>

The process of directing everyone to “click here” will drive more traffic to your About Me page – where the link to your website will be waiting.

Experiment with where you put this invite to visit your About Me page; it may work better at the end of your listing, where you can tell people a little about how you work. For example, you could try something like this: “If you have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We always combine on shipping costs for multiple purchases. And click here to visit our About Me page!” This will help attract more buyers to your auctions in the long term.

It can equally be placed before the description of the item you are selling, but bear in mind that if you do this you are directing them away from finding out more about your product and possibly making a sale. So do weigh up your options before making any firm decisions – and don’t forget you can always make changes.

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