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getting traffic to your ebay sitesIf you’re a seller on eBay, you might have noticed that some auctions receive noticeably larger amounts of traffic than others. The secret lies in the keywords used when promoting your store and how the buyer’s search query relates to them.

Search engine traffic is key to drawing more potential buyers to your eBay store and successful online selling. It’s plain and simple.

A lot of sellers take for granted the traffic flow from eBay Blogs, Reviews and Guides. Some even think that they don’t have any contributions to add.

However, those who ‘know what to do’ are supplementing lost eBay traffic through eBay Blogs, Guides, Reviews, as well as ‘pay per click’ engines.

While pay per click engines can help you garner traffic to your eBay store, the quality of that traffic is wanting, at least most of the time. Besides, click-through fraud is also on the increase, so you are better off spending your money elsewhere. When you’re considering pay per click traffic, it’s the quality of click-through that determines whether you succeed or fail.

There are companies that will promise you thousands of clicks for pennies on the dollar, and they will send you this traffic, but it will really be of no use if a click-through doesn’t translate into a sale.

One Click can change things

The power of ‘one click’ can make all the difference in your bottom line. What you need is a single buyer added to your existing list of established buyers. Add ten or more buyers a day and you’ll notice a new trend growing:

• Get your eBay store bookmarked by buyers

• Have customers visit your store everyday

• Increase ‘real’ traffic

• Increase in conversion rates – make a real sale

Write guides, reviews and blogs

Crafting original content is tough. It takes a lot of time and sometimes, it’s plain boring. However, the rewards translate into increased traffic.

Your starting point should be what you sell. Do you sell women’s clothes? Start your research on a hot line up for the coming summer. Use a keyword like ‘trend hunter’ on Yahoo, for instance, and you’ll get hundreds of listings of useful resources on the latest and upcoming trends in fashion.

It’s important to search for what people are buying on eBay but it won’t help you if you don’t sell it. Find a niche market, or supplement your current niche market with one or two new stylish items; this will increase your traffic and sales counts.

Even if you can sell the new stylish item, you can write a review on it. Just write your opinion of the item, that’s all that’s needed.

The good news is that when you write an eBay review, guide or blog, it will be indexed in search engines like Yahoo and Google. The more reviews and guides you write, the more you’ll appear in listings. A single listing can get you a ‘real click’ in a day, which is not all bad considering that it is all free traffic.

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