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What Are Your Rights As An eBay Buyer?

rights for ebay sellersEBay can really be magical for buyers. You simply log into your account and with a little search, you have hundreds of options listed for you to choose from. If you know what you want, you can complete a transaction in a few minutes; at least that is the magical side.

However, did you know that anything can happen once you’ve completed a payment for a product on eBay? Your purchase may never get to you, or you might not receive the items you paid for (defective or damaged). Basically, you’re exposed to a number of risks once you’ve paid for an item

Fortunately, there are two rights that are meant to protect you as an eBay buyer.

1. The first is the right to receive your purchase.

Whether it gets misplaced in the post or the seller just didn’t post it at all, the fact is you paid for it. If you don’t receive your purchase as detailed before the sale, this right guarantees you a refund or a replacement item.

EBay policy says that once an auction ends, it automatically becomes a contract between the winner and the seller. So at this point, the seller can’t back out from the contract due to change of mind. You have to complete the purchase (by paying) and the seller has to honor their part too (post your item) or face a penalty.

Buying on eBay gives you the same rights and protection that you’d have when you buy from a normal store.

2. The second one is the right to receive your purchase exactly as it was described.

rights for ebay buyersA seller may not bother to pack the item properly and it ends up getting damaged in the post. Sometimes, they may omit crucial details in their descriptions that would otherwise have made you to reconsider buying the product. Whatever the case, if you receive your item in a state other than what was described, this right guarantees you a refund or a replacement.

How can you use your rights?

If any of your rights as a buyer have been violated, you should first bring it to the seller’s attention. The majority of sellers will respond aptly because they wouldn’t want to hurt their reputation when a dissatisfied buyer leaves a horrible feedback comment. If the seller isn’t corporative or refuses to refund or replace your item, escalate the matter to eBay.

There are no people to handle user complaints on eBay but their automated set of processes is quite effective and efficient and should be able to resolve such a buyer-seller problem.

However, if that fails too, consider seeking help from consumer protection groups in your area and may be law enforcement if it is really necessary (for instance if the purchase was expensive).

Remember not to be too quick to get mad at the seller: your item may delay due to hold ups in the post, or the damage may have been a result of poor handling in the post and none of the seller’s post. More importantly, always try to settle your complaints with the seller.

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