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Top Items Sold on eBay

top ten items on ebay soldThe top items sold on eBay are not constant; they often change depending on various factors. However, there are certain items that consistently have a high demand no matter the conditions.

Fortunately, eBay has several free tools that can help you identify the top selling items on the site. The first place you want to look is under ‘Seller Resources’ which can be found when you click on Site Map at the bottom of your home page.

There’s another link for ‘What’s hot’, and when you click on it, an ‘eBay Pulse’ page opens, where a list of the most popular searches is displayed on the left and that of the largest stores displayed on the right.

The list on the left displaying the most searched for item is ranked by number of searches for that item. the list for the largest stores displayed on the right is ranked on the basis of the number of popular items sold by the store.

The results can be refined further based on category, which you can select from the drop down list on top of the page. When you select a particular category, you will see the most popular searches in that category. For instance, if you’re selling electronics and want to find the most searched for item, select the electronics category from the drop down list and you’ll get a list of the top ten most popular electronics sold. The same goes for any category you may want to check out.

Where to Source the Top Items Sold On eBay

top items in ebay market placeIt’s easy to find the figures for hot sellers on eBay but when it comes to sourcing for those items to sell, things get a little harder.

Firstly, hot sellers are very competitive because everyone wants to sell them, big and small sellers alike. This means the profit margins on those items will be very small. So, weigh your options and determine whether you have any chance competing with big sellers who can stock up in big volumes and thus offer better prices.

Since hot sellers have a small profit margin, you need to buy them wholesale, just like the big sellers, and that means you need a lot of money for stock. Specific sources for buying hot sellers in bulk include:

• Local garage sales – Garage and yard sales are good sources of hot selling items. If you can negotiate well and act fast, you can make a fortune from garage sales deals.

• Trade shows – These are normally invite-only events and target registered businesses not individuals, but you can get hot sellers at bargain prices.

• Alternative online auctions – There are dozens of other little known auction sites that usually have good deals. Look out for such websites and source for hot sellers to resell on eBay.

• Overstock – Buying overstock inventory requires you to spend a lot of cash in advance. But there’s really nothing special about it. You’re likely to get better deals when you buy from a local store.

Remember, you need lots of cash to stock up in bulk.

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