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Top 10 Reasons Why eBay Auctions Fail

reasons why ebay auctions failFor various reasons, your eBay auctions may not be drawing a lot of bidders and you may find the competition so fierce that you can barely sell anything. The fact is the reasons for such a scenario are well known. So, if you find yourself in a situation like this, check if any or all of the following reasons might be the cause of your eBay auctions failure.

1. You set a high starting price. Successful eBay sellers know that setting a high starting price on an auction is essentially shooting yourself in the foot. No buyer wants to be the first to bid on a highly priced auction and, on the other hand, a low starting price instantly draws people’s attention and thus attracts many bids in a short time.

2. You didn’t include photos. A picture’s worth a thousand words, so no matter how catchy your title might be, buyers remain skeptical about listed items that have no pictures. The best way to understand this is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: you’d probably think twice before bidding on something that you can only imagine what it looks like.

3. Your auction had a reserve price. On top of eating into your final sale price, reserve prices are dreaded by a lot of buyers. Many potential buyers simply shy away from an auction with a reserve price, so avoid using a reserve price on your auctions.

4. Spelling and grammar mistakes in your titles. Buyers use eBay’s search tool to find items they want to buy, and it’s very sensitive to spellings. Therefore, if you spell your words wrongly, eBay’s search tool will not pick your listings for your intended search words and that means that buyers will not find your listings.

The same applies to your descriptions; if they are not clear enough and laden with grammar errors, buyers will find a hard time trying to make out what you were describing. A simple check through a grammar and spelling checker will be worth the effort.

failure in ebay auctions5. Negative feedback on your most recent sale. While overall feedback score matters, a lot of buyers look at the most recent feedback before deciding to buy your item.

If you received negative feedback recently, you’ll find it hard to sell again. Selling low-priced items might help put you in good books again before you get back to selling profitably.

6. Tough conditions. When you use strong language and put tough conditions for sale, you may come off as someone hard to work with, and so people will be ignoring your auctions for the most part.

7. You set the fixed price too high. If you choose to sell with Buy It Now, consider lowering your prices, otherwise you’ll find it hard to sell if you fix your prices high.

8. You don’t have PayPal as a payment option. This is very rare but some buyers don’t accept PayPal and this is a sure way to chase buyers away. The big majority of eBay transactions is completed through PayPal, so ensure you have it as a payment option among others.

9. High shipping costs can also chase away potential buyers. You’ll find that many a lot of buyers can put up with slower but cheaper shipping than fast and costly shipping.

10. Finally, if your item is defective, no one will want to buy it. You might have been hyping your products but once buyers discover the truth, they’ll be shunning your auctions. So make sure your products are not flawed and be honest in your descriptions.

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