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Tips and Tricks for Using eBay Search

ebay search bar tipsEBay’s search tool is meant to make it easier and faster to find items to buy. But if you don’t know what to do, it may be ages before you find what you want.

EBay’s search tool is important for both the buyer and the seller. For a buyer, knowing how to cleverly search for items may help you find items that are not seen by many, and therefore have a low selling price.

For a seller, it helps you understand buyer’s search characteristics and thus you’ll be able to create listings that potential buyers will easily find. Additionally, you can use the search tool yourself to find similar items in direct competition with yours and therefore adjust your pricing accordingly.

The following are some useful tricks and tips for using the eBay search feature.

Type in all the necessary words

When you issue your search terms into eBay’s search feature, it will only pick listings that match every word you used. Therefore, to get more specific results, use as many words as possible. type in all the important features that describe what you want to find.

For instance, if you’re searching for the 14-megapixel FE-5050 Olympus digital camera and you only type in the words ‘Olympus digital camera’, you will get thousands of that are largely irrelevant. So, to get fewer, more precise results, be very specific and use all necessary descriptive words.

Try several word combinations

Different sellers use different descriptions for their item listings. So, you have to come up with every possible way that an item could be described.

Some examples of describing the same item:

• Describing the same item differently – computer, PC, desktop.

• Abbreviated names – D & G, Dolce and Gabbana, VW and Volkswagen.

• Different spelling – door mat, doormat.

Don’t mind about capitalization

When issuing search terms, it doesn’t matter which case you use – uppercase, lowercase or both. However, for sellers, it’s important to use uppercase for your title and subtitle as it helps make them stand out. If you don’t want to use uppercase for the whole title listing, use it for words that you don’t want potential buyers to miss.

Eliminate words using the minus sign (-)

When the eBay search tool encounters a word prefixed with a minus, it doesn’t pick listings containing that word.

Use this feature to exclude items that are very similar to what you’re searching for.

Use quotes to be more accurate

good tips for searching on ebayA search phrase that includes words with quotes around them will result into listings containing the quoted words in the exact order that issued.

So, if your search phrase consists of the quoted text like “Olympus digital camera”, the search results will only show listings containing the words in quotes as they appear.

Use brackets to search for one word or another

If you’re searching for two words and you want to find either of the words, put them in parentheses and separate with commas. For instance, if you’re looking for either Nintendo or Xbox, put them in parentheses like this: (Nintendo, Xbox).

Finally, you can carefully combine any two or more of the above techniques in a search query to get a more refined result.

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