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The Future of Email Marketing

future of email marketingWith lots of information available, coupled with the ease of access to that information made possible by technology, many consumers today have become very savvy. They know exactly what they want and demand for that.

Thus, when you’re dealing with customers through direct email, give them what they expect. Today’s consumer has higher demands and they expect information that is relevant and interesting from entities they have chosen to engage with – be it a personality or a business brand. If consumers don’t get what they want from you, they’ll move to another brand that meets their expectations. Email being an opt-in channel means that they can easily move out anytime they deem fit.

So, as the consumer gets more complicated, what’s the future of email marketing?

Firstly, according to multiple studies, email marketing is bound to continue on the growth trend, and it will continue to give the highest return on investment (ROI) of any type of marketing (again according to several sources). Therefore, businesses and, marketers in particular, need to align their email marketing strategies with the changing demands of the consumer.

One way to achieve this is to approach email marketing the same way you would with any other marketing type. That means that businesses and marketers need to understand the consumer lifecycle and then come up with a suitable plan and strategy for personalizing email to give the consumer what he expects from a marketing experience.

Sadly, many marketers out there are still running ad hoc email campaigns without personalization, segmentation, testing, and no clue as to the position of the customer in the sales cycle.

Email marketing for the future cannot be treated as a standalone marketing strategy. Instead, email marketing should be a key part of the marketing machinery used to connect with the consumer at different stages during the course of the sales cycle.

Email Marketing Trends To Expect in Future

how to do email marketing in future• Reduced time to action: The first couple of emails represent the most crucial part of the customer lifecycle. Marketers must devise ways to drastically reduce the time to action – to get the required action from the subscriber. It’s simply not fashionable to keep subscribers in the email rotation without any action.

• Human tone and content: The trend for the future is to incorporate a human tone and content into emails. The conversation should be more of user-generated content, rather than the tired ‘buy it now’ tactic.

• Cross platform email: Smart phones and tablet computing are ruling the computer world at the moment, and the trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future. However, email doesn’t change, irrespective of device size. Precisely speaking, ‘mobile email’ simply doesn’t exist. It should just be designed to be more device portable but in essence, email on a mobile device is the same as email on a desktop.

• Social icons should be used carefully. Every marketer ought to learn how their audience plays to the social band wagon. Certainly, not everybody plays into it, thus, social icons on emails should be done carefully in the future.

Email is still going to be a formidable marketing channel for a long time to come. The focus should be to evolve with the customer, their experiences and expectations.

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