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General Articles For eBay - From a Buyer's & Seller's Perspective

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general articles on ebayEBay has some of the best deals online for just about anything you can think of, and while it’s mainly an auction-type market place, you can buy items at fixed price too. Buying on eBay is really easy and fun and anyone can pick up something from eBay, regardless of their location.

Among the top frequently asked questions (FAQs) by buyers is how to get started, how to bid, how to get in touch with the seller, among other queries.

The following are some of the most FAQs by buyers.

How do I get started?

To get started on eBay – both as a buyer or seller – you need to register with your personal details. The first part of registration entails providing your name, physical address, email address, and number.

The second part of registration entails creating your eBay user ID and password and that’s it with registration.

How do I purchase something?

If you’re totally new to eBay, you might want to first check out the site and get familiar with the basic feature.

When it’s time to buy an item, follow these steps:

• Search for the item you want to buy. There’s a search box at the top of every page on the site where you can type in the keywords of the item you want to buy. Alternatively, you can go to the home page and search within the category list.

• After you’ve located the item, peruse description to understand the item’s finer details.

• Verify the seller’s eBay reputation. You do this by looking at their feedback score and read through some comments left by previous customers.

• Bid on the item. The item might have several buying options so check them out first. Some items are ‘Buy It Now’ and others are up for bidding.

• Make the payment for the item. An item listing is limited by time, and when it ends, you’re required to finalize the transaction by making a payment – if you’re the winning bidder. If you chose Buy It Now, you make the payment immediately. The listing will have a Pay Now button that you click to make the payment using any of the methods specified by the seller.

How do I get in touch with the seller?

reading articles for ebayAs you go about your buying process, you’ll realize that you may need to contact the seller for more information about the item.

To do that, locate the ‘Ask Question’ link in the item listing and click on it.

There are various topics on the ‘Find Answers’ page from which you should choose. If your question doesn’t match what’s in the Q&A section that comes up, there’s an option to contact the seller directly.

Choose ‘No’ as your answer to the question, ‘Did we answer your questions?’, and then continue and write your question in the provided space on the next page. Type in the verification code and send your message to the seller.

Note that for some sellers, you may only be able to contact then after you’ve purchased the item. After you’ve purchased an item, contacting a seller is unconditional.

Use these basics to begin your buying experience on eBay. There are lots of guides on the site to help buyers get around without difficulty.

General Articles on eBay - A Buyer's Perspective:

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    It has been told numerous times but still, many people don’t know how the giant auction website became what it is today. So for those who don’t know it, here’s the eBay story.
  2. The Future of Email Marketing
    With lots of information available, coupled with the ease of access to that information made possible by technology, many consumers today have become very savvy. They know exactly what they want and demand for that.
  3. The Unearthed Secrets Of An eBay PowerSeller
    PowerSellers are the crème dela crème of all eBay sellers. To become a powerseller, you have to meet a set of stringent criteria set by eBay. In fact, the criteria are nothing more than goals that demonstrate a high level of business acumen and discipline.
  4. Tips and Tricks for Using eBay Search
    EBay’s search tool is meant to make it easier and faster to find items to buy. But if you don’t know what to do, it may be ages before you find what you want.
  5. Tips for Buying Collectibles on eBay
    The first items to be sold on eBay were mostly collectibles. Buying collectibles on eBay is still a fun activity and can be made even more exciting if you know the right tips.
  6. Top 10 Reasons Why eBay Auctions Fail
    For various reasons, your eBay auctions may not be drawing a lot of bidders and you may find the competition so fierce that you can barely sell anything.
  7. Top Five Reasons eBay Sellers Fail
    The way you build a successful business in not any different from how an eBay business should be built. All the different aspects have to work perfectly – sales, marketing, pricing, customer service, among others.
  8. Top Items Sold on eBay
    The top items sold on eBay are not constant; they often change depending on various factors. However, there are certain items that consistently have a high demand no matter the conditions.
  9. What Are Your Rights As An eBay Buyer?
    EBay can really be magical for buyers. You simply log into your account and with a little search, you have hundreds of options listed for you to choose from.
  10. What Exactly is an eBay Niche Market?
    Understanding what a niche market isn’t is another way to define and grasp the concept of a niche market. Niche markets are places where selling in volume does not apply.

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