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Free Traffic To Your Auction Listing With eBay Blogs!

getting free listings with ebay blogsBlogs are now part of a very powerful arsenal of social marketing tools you can use to garner online traffic. Therefore, if you’re serious about making your eBay business a success, consider signing up for and creating your own eBay blog.

EBay has made the process pretty simple for everyone such that anyone can easily navigate through the steps and create their own eBay blog without much effort.

There’s no need of having specialist programming or HTML skills, just go to eBay’s blogs page ( ) and click on the ‘Start Blogging’ button.

What is a Blog?

Put simply, a blog is the online equivalent of a journal. A blog is a place where you can write personal stories and news about the things in your life. You can also put your auction sales on your eBay blog.

The word blog comes from log and web, which make ‘blog’ when combined. Blogs are all the craze now on the internet because they allow people to publish their personal thoughts about any issue and instantly connect with anyone.

You can also create a ton of extra traffic to your auction listings using blogs. If what you post on your blog is of top quality, search engines will quickly pick it up and this will only increase the number of visitors to your blog.

What Should You Put On Your Blog?

what do you put on blogsAs things stand today on the internet, it’s hard to think of an eBay seller who doesn’t instantly realize the benefits of owning a blog. It’s one of the best ways of interacting with your customers.

You can publish the most current information about your auction listings, the products in stock, and general information about your eBay business. When you get used to blogging, consider posting on your blog every day.

To maximize the potential of blogging, you will want to publish content that is beneficial to your customers. As an eBay seller, your blog should focus on how your eBay business can be useful to your customers. Offer useful insights that your customers can directly adopt into their lives.

For instance, if you sell pet drugs, post blog articles about pet hygiene, keeping your pets healthy, and the like. The point is to offer useful insights directly related to your eBay business so that your customers can visit your blog more often.

The more you give your customers tips they can apply in the day-to-day lives, the more eager they will want to buy from you. soon enough, you’ll have established yourself as an authority in that niche. Ensure that your blog contains more useful content than sales ads.

Promote your eBay Blog

Your blog will have its own unique URL which will be handy in your promotion campaigns. You can promote your blog in a number of ways – submitting some of your content to article directories with links back to your blog, submit your URL to other websites, among others. Don’t promote your blog through random blog comments else they will appear as blog spam.

Use your eBay blog to set yourself apart from the competition and ultimately get tons of free traffic to your auction listings.

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