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business coursesWhether you want to hone your business skills or you are just getting ready for business school, free online business courses are a great place to start.

Not so long ago, you would have to spend a good number of hours in a classroom to learn whatever is contained in these courses. Now you can educate yourself at your own pace and most importantly, without paying a cent.

Business courses fall into several sub-categories. Let’s look at some of the major sub-categories in brief.

General Small Business – There are several courses here but the general theme is about how to get started with a small business. These courses mainly dwell on entrepreneurship skills needed to successfully run your own small business. Examples of small business courses include:

• Guide to starting a small business: Small business primer

• My Own Business

• Strategic planning and execution

• Business organization

• Online tutorial for starting a small business

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Business Strategy – Courses in business strategy focus on strategic planning for business. There are tips on how to align your business in a way that competes favorably and helps your business achieve its goals while complying with the set standards. Examples include:

• Creating a strategic plan

• Identifying your sales strategy

• Maintaining an agile business

• Strategic planning and execution

• Entrepreneurial strategies

Creating a Business Plan – This category of courses is just like the name suggests – creating business plans. The courses here teach skills in creating business plans that win. A business plan may well be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business.

Every business meets challenges along the way. A business plan provides options to fall back to when you meet certain challenges. Therefore without a business plan, your business may not overcome some challenges and hence collapse. Examples of courses include:

• The Business Plan

• How To Prepare a Business Plan

• Creating a Business Plan

• How To Write a Business Plan

Marketing – Marketing courses are some of the most popular business courses online. Marketing is important because it is responsible for customer acquisition and retention. It is also a very wide subject covering hundreds of methods and techniques.


Examples of marketing courses are:

• Marketing for Small Business

• How To Win Customers in a Slowing Economy

• Conducting a Marketing Analysis

• Opening and Marketing

• Building Your Brand

business opportunitiesFinancing – Business financing is a core aspect of any business. As such, there are hundreds of online courses that will teach you everything about business financing, right from sourcing for startup capital right through to managing accounts and cash flow.

Communication and Leadership – When you’ve managed to get your business off the ground and running, you then need to focus on business communication and leadership. Courses vary greatly but most deal with how to communicate for business, communication to the customer, managing customer expectations, etc.

Business Technology – Business technology mainly focuses on the role technology plays on business success. It also looks at emerging business models driven by technology, such as e-commerce and the digital enterprise in general. Some courses also discuss the effect of social media and other new technology tools on business.

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