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hot deals on ebayEbay Pulse is a feature you can use to find hot search terms on the giant auction site. It provides a snapshot of the latest trends, hot picks and frequently searched products, among other useful things.

Hot search terms are important on eBay because they help a seller carry out market research before he re-stocks merchandize.

In fact, one of the primary benefits of eBay Pulse is that it helps you see the most popular keyword phrases that customers are searching for at a given time.

If you discover that a big number of customers are searching for a keyword related to the products you’re offering, it would only be wise to put that keyword in your auction title. When a potential customer searches for an item on eBay, by default the system will only look in that specified search term in the auction titles, rather than the description.

You can also see the most searched for keyword phrases in every category. To do this, use the drop down menu to choose the relevant category. Within certain categories, you can search further and view the most searched for keywords in the sub-categories.

Ebay pulse is a great feature for driving traffic to your auction if used the right way. However, keep in mind that you should only include keywords in your auction titles if they are relevant to what you’re selling. Otherwise, you may run the risk of your auction being deleted by eBay for keyword spamming.

If you sell to other countries beyond your region, you ought to keep an eye out for the pulse across the various eBay sites, such as, It will give you an idea of how the keywords vary by region for the same term.

How to use Hot Search Terms to your advantage

advantage of hot search termsAs we’ve already seen, the eBay pulse feature is great for drilling down to categories and even pinpointing sub-categories that are hot at a given time. You can do this for the broader markets too and go right down to the hottest items within the niches.

If you want to maximize the most popularly searched for items, find a wholesaler and source for a similar item, particularly if the wholesaler’s business is branded. The logic is that branded sellers pull a lot of traffic and typically sell at higher prices. Since you’re not branded, sell the item at a lower price and pull the crowd.

The assumption here is that you list in the same categories as the wholesaler. Take it even a step further by finding the top seller listings among the branded wholesalers. See the details of their listings, how they write their descriptions and study their policies. You can then take this to your own listing arrangement but do not do direct copying. Use similar keywords they use at the start of your titles and you’ll see your items up high among the top search results.

On the whole, when you find eBay hot search terms, use them to gain a competitive advantage by studying how top sellers in similar categories as yours use those terms.

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