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Dropshippers for eBay

outsourcers for ebayFinding a reliable supplier for your online business is one of the most difficult things to do when building a business online.

Simply put, you need a supplier of real products to sell online, and most times, that reliable supplier can seem elusive. Dropshipping companies are your perfect partner to help you establish a successful online empire.

The perfect online business model is one where you don’t get physically involved with the products you’re selling and you don’t keep any stock or inventory; your only work is to collect payment from buyers and relay their details. Dropshippers for eBay is the perfect example of this model.

Let’s take a look at the following example:

You’ve settled for cell phones as the product you’re going to be selling on eBay. However, it soon dawns on you that to do this the conventional way, you need to hold a large amount of stock so that you cover a wide range of options for the different types of customers.

You’ll have zero chance if you do not have a large amount of capital. Or, when you manage to raise the massive amount of capital, you realize that the lines you’re holding are outdated by the time your business gets noticed, and are therefore worth far less than what you paid for them. This can only mean a massive loss!


However, let’s consider this scenario:

ebay outsourcerAfter you decide to sell phones, you sign up with a cell phone dropshipper, who avail you with a list of the available products they have. You then go and advertise this list on your eBay store and other online places.

You receive and order for a given brand of cell phone that you have listed for $200. You then take the customer’s details and contact your dropshipper to purchase the product at $150 and then pass the customer’s details to them. The sales process ends there for you.

What happens next is that the dropshipper packages the item (usually in plain packaging) and ships the product to your customer. This means that you earned $50 profit on just one sale, moreover with minimal hassle. So 20 orders a week means $1000 in profits.

Dropshipping is becoming a very popular way to start a business on eBay because it requires little or no capital at all in some cases. Its formula for success is very simple. The dropshipper sets you a price, and you in turn set a price for the buyer, and the difference is your profit.

How to sign up with a dropshipper for eBay

• Sign up to the dropshipper’s website so that you can be able to list their products on your eBay store. Make sure you’re familiar with their terms before signing up and that you can work with them.

• Look through their inventory list and select the items you want to sell. Usually, they will give you a descriptive copy and images of the items you select.

After that, it is just listing on your eBay store and emailing details to supplier once a sale is made.

Dropshippers for eBay is one of the best retail models for an eBay vendor, and while it has its own shortcomings here and there, it still offers excellent prospects for a successful eBay business.

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