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Driving Traffic to Your Web Site with Effective Titles And Descriptions

effective use of titles to drive trafficIf you own a business website, you’re most probably on the lookout for more traffic generating ways. There are various ways to drive traffic to your website but the cheapest and easiest is to attract organic traffic.

First, you need to understand what organic traffic is. It has nothing to do with foods and herbs!

Organic traffic is everything to do with designing your website in such a way that search engines – Google and Bing – can easily find you.

The first thing you have to do is to write page titles and descriptions that ‘appeal’ to the search engines. We’ll look at ways to achieve this and drive organic traffic to your website.

Note that by page title, we’re not referring to your company title or position; rather, it is your web page title and description that we refer to. It is the actual title and description of the web page as defined in the page’s HTML Meta tags.

Title and description

At the top of an HTML document is the <HEAD> tag, in which the <TITLE> tag is placed and a description of your site is defined.


<TITLE> Title Goes Here </TITLE>

<META NAME = “description” CONTENT = “Your Website Description Goes Here”>


It’s worth noting that the description tag is not used by certain search engines. What they do is to index the first 30-40 words of your site content or text related to the keyword phrase that’s being searched for and take that as the description. Therefore, your strategy needs to be well planned out as a well-rounded approach that can achieve good search engine ranking.

How to write titles and descriptions

how to write titles and descriptions of ebay listingsUse your researched keywords in the title and description: If you want to increase the chances of being listed in search engines for certain keywords, include those keywords in your titles and descriptions.

Reason is because a search engines gives priority to words in the tile and description during a search. Most likely, each page will have unique content, hence a unique title, so customize each title using the appropriate words. Just don’t stuff keywords in the same title.

• Write ebay titles that evoke emotion: It is very important that your page title creates curiosity, mystery and evokes emotion. If you simply stuff your title with plain keywords, it will come off as dull and no one will want to proceed any further. In other words, copy from ‘hooks’ used by radios and television news programs.

• Use captivating words: There are certain words that can instantly catch your eye and you must make the most out of these, such as favorite, breakthrough, secrets, best, enormous, stunning, outrageous, dazzling, amazing, among others.

• Make your titles short: Did you know that surfers on the internet don’t actually read a title, they scan through it. Imagine a 30-word title on your page!

• Don't try to get around search engines: While there are certain ‘tricks’ that can enable you have longer titles (more than 78 characters), more than one title, and many descriptions, you’re better advised to avoid them.  Search engines frequently alter their algorithms and search criteria so you never know what may be permissible now may be banned tomorrow.

• Never claim anything in the title when you can’t back it: If you claim anything in the title, make sure you can actualize it, else you risk being sued, let alone your business being shut down.

These tips will surely get you to a good start. Ensure to keep up with search engine rules and policies.

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