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Doba Dropshipping Review

doba dropshipping reviewWhether you're just starting your eBay business, or you've been trading for a while, dropshipping can be great way to make money.

Because you only buy the product from the dropshipper when you've sold it, and collected your customer's money, there's little or no investment on your part.

The dropshipper takes care of packing and shipping the item to your customer as well, so it's an easy and relatively risk-free way to sell products on eBay.

However, not all dropshippers are the same, so you need to make sure you are working with the best organisation for your business.

To be successful you need to have access to the right products to sell, and you need a dropshipper that supports you and provides the best service to your customers - they will be shipping directly to your customer so if they are unreliable, it will reflect badly on you.

Doba is a dropshipping organisation that has been delivering a quality service for over 5 years, giving buyers access to hundreds of different suppliers and over 1 million products.

Doba is different because they make it simple. You don't have to set up individual accounts with each supplier, negotiate your own prices, and deal with different ordering processes, Doba has done it all for you.

By using their marketplace you get branded products at great prices, without any of the hassle. Doba is all about making dropshipping for eBay easier for you.

They are an eBay certified service provider and their "Push to Market" tool means that when you find products to sell, you can quickly and easily upload the product information to eBay, your Amazon store, or your own website - no cutting and asting required.

If you're new to dropshipping, there is plenty of information and advice on the site to get you up and running in no time at all.

As well as making dropshipping easy, Doba makes it profitable. Because they constantly seek out the best wholesale prices for their members, you'll struggle to find to find lower prices anywhere else.

They are so confident of this, their Low Price Guarantee means that if you can find a product cheaper, through any other similar dropshipping service to sell stuff online, Doba will rebate your membership fees.

As one of Inc Magazine's fastest growing private companies, and a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can be confident that you're working with a quality dropshipper that's going to give you what you need to really grow your business.

What's more, it won't cost you anything to try them out for yourself, with their 7 day free trial.

Is there a downside to Doba? Well, it's pretty hard to find one. If there was one thing you need to be aware of, it's that Doba's marketplace operates on a "first come, first served" basis.

Doba, and the products they give you access to, are very popular. If they have an item that you want to sell in stock, and you list it on eBay or your website, try and sell it quickly, or at least keep an eye on the stock levels, to make sure its still available when you need to place an order.

This is a very small consideration when compared to all the benefits of using Doba, and if anything, it shows you what a popular choice they are for people who want to work with a dropshipper that does what it says.

If you are looking for a new dropshipper, and you haven't tried Doba, you should.

With their commitment to making dropshipping as easy and profitable as possible, plus their amazing 7 day free trial, you've got nothing to lose.


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