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Doba Drop Shipping Review

doba reviewIf you’re new or not familiar with how retailing works, you probably don’t know what drop shipping is.

Drop shipping is a method of retailing where merchandise is directly shipped to the customer from the supplier’s warehouse, instead of shipping from the retailer.

When the retailer makes a sale, he relays the customer’s order information to the supplier – or wholesaler – to package and ship the order. This type of retailing protects the retailer from risk of making losses because he does not purchase the product until he has made an actual sale.

It saves the retailer a great deal, not only in costs but also in the amount of work which would have arose due to the need to supervise the warehousing, packaging, and shipping.

When you’re selling online, drop shipping can make all the difference. Imagine the hassle of having to physically go to the post and lining up to ship customers’ orders, then rushing back to your home office to handle pending orders and repeat the process all over again, not to mention having to pack the items first!

Our Review of Doba Drop Shipping

One of the most popular drop shipping services out there is Doba drop shipping. The company has been around for nine years now and is a favorite of many eBay sellers. Here are the features that make Doba a prominent force in the drop shipping business:

Product pricing

Their prices are very competitive. Many items are sold in bulk, hence sold at wholesale prices, which are competitive with other leading wholesalers. By no means are their prices the best in the market but you can depend on their reputation and track record.

On top of that, Doba’s services are unmatched, making them worth the few extra dollars you might pay. The fact that it is not exactly a wholesale company makes its prices marginally higher but still very competitive.

Choice of products

There are millions of products to select from at Doba.  They offer a free trial so you get to check out all they have to offer from this collection, and more:

• Books, movies and music

• Fashion and Apparel

• Automotive tools

• Bed and bath

• Health and beauty

• Computers and electronics


Doba, working closely with eBay, has established itself as a leader in the drop shipping business. It allows PayPal payments, which makes for more convenience, in addition to a host of other payment options. It has one of the simplest and most reliable ordering processes.


As far as shipping goes, Doba is excellently convenient and efficient. It offers very reliable shipping options which are always available – a feature that is core to any shipping business which Doba is.

Usability and membership

The process of getting membership is very seamless. All membership information is clearly presented at their website for you to fill out the appropriate details and get your membership in a matter of seconds. Doba will then avail you with a number of tools and resources to make your business life easier. There are two membership packages to choose from – the $49.95 Start-up package, and the $59.95 advanced package.


These are the key features of Doba drop shipping but certainly, much more is there to be offered.  It makes online selling much smoother than it would have been and helps sellers maximize profits.


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