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eBay's Second Chance Offer

ebay's 2nd chance offerThey say that everyone deserves a second chance in life, and eBay has found a way to give buyers an opportunity for a second chance with auctions.

The best time to make use of the Second Chance Offer feature is when your top bidder pulls out of the trade.

This can be a real nightmare as it means all the time you spent listing the item is now wasted. By offering another buyer a second chance, you'll save yourself the time it takes to relist the item again.

As a seller, you can really utilize second chance opportunities to your benefit. The key is to be quick and diligent about doing it; You don't want to wait too long before offering a buyer a second chance.

If you wait too long there will be a very good chance that the buyer has already purchased the item elsewhere. Three reasons why you may consider putting a second chance opportunity out there on eBay:

* The initial bid winner never paid for the product. The seller still has a list of other bidders who were interested. It would be smart to utilize that list first prior to placing an item back onto auction.

last chance for ebay bids* When a seller has multiple items that are the same second chance offers are a great way to get rid of the inventory. You do need to offer the second chance price at what the bid price was but if the bid price was fair it is a win/win situation.

* You discovered that you set your reserve price too high and nobody qualified to win the auction. Take advantage of the people who would have purchased it at a lower price and offer the second chance if it makes sense financially.

If you remain stubborn and hold out on your initial reserve price you could be holding on to your product for a long time.

eBay really has created an opportunity to make it easy to buy and sell than ever when they incorporated the second chance bid.

As a seller it makes sense to want to push the limits and maximize your eBay bids and profits. As a buyer it makes sense to want a fair deal on what you wish to bid on.

When the two sides don't match up at the initial auction it is the perfect time to entertain a second chance.

Making a second chance offer is easy. Go to My eBay > All Selling and select 'Make a Second Chance Offer' and follow the prompts.

eBay will also send you an email informing you that you have the option to make a Second Chance Offer when you report a non-paying buyer. This will also help you get better conversion rates on eBay and turn visitors into buyers.

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