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Top Five Ways to Quickly Improve Your Descriptions When Selling on eBay

how to improve your description on ebayThe eBay sales chain begins with the auction title and description of your product. It’s what brings a potential customer to your auction in the first place. Therefore, the importance of writing a compelling title and description cannot be over emphasized.

You’re probably already writing some good descriptions, but they might not be good enough to attract bidders in the numbers you want. So here are the top five ways to quickly improve your auction descriptions.

1. Spell correctly and use proper grammar

Misspellings and a few grammar errors here and there might seem insignificant but, in fact, a wrongly spelled word may be the only reason customers ignore your auction. Additionally, eBay’s search engine might miss picking up your auction because of misspellings. Consequently, your auctions end up in the misspelled lot of auctions and this drives the prices lower.

If your descriptions are always free of spelling and grammar errors, customers find it easier to trust you as a serious seller and someone who knows and cares about what they are doing.

2. Use Good Formatting

A well formatted description easily draws a bidder’s attention. Make your descriptions short but straight to the point. Don’t include fluff; instead, only include the most relevant information. Preferably, write the details in a bulleted or numbered list. Don’t write full sentences as if you were writing essays.

Rather, use short phrases and focus on your selling points. ensure that a bidder is able to read your description and make a decision in less than 60 seconds. You’ll also want to avoid bold, colored and underlined words in your descriptions; they are of no value.

3. Be courteous and positive

writing good description on ebayYou’re going to meet all sorts of people and go through the worst experiences you could never have imagined. But that doesn’t mean you should pas your frustrations onto other customers.

One of the most likable virtues of powersellers is managing buyers’ expectations while keeping calm. No matter how irate and unreasonable a buyer might seem, you still need them, may be in future.

Therefore, remain positive and make sure this shows in your auction descriptions. If your descriptions portray some element of anger and frustration, bidders will shun your auctions.

4. Your terms and conditions should be plain and simple

One of the leading causes of contention between sellers and buyers are the selling terms and conditions. Vague terms may deter buyers from bidding on your auctions to avoid eventualities. Thus, ensure your terms and conditions do not leave bidders guessing, especially regarding your return policy, payment terms and options, and shipping conditions, including expected delivery.

5. Finally, complement your well written descriptions with accurate and clear photos.

It’s through pictures that buyers can be able to make out important details on the item. It boosts their confidence and makes them make a decision faster. Pictures that are thorough show that the seller minds about quality, and that’s depicts you as a quality seller as well. Be thorough and spend more time to come up with good quality pictures.

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