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The Power of eBay Store Newsletters

ebay store newsletterAn eBay store has a lot of benefits to a seller. It provides a centralized branding place where a seller can showcase all aspects of his business to customers, as well as provide information about you so that customers can get to know more about you at a personal level.

EBay stores have lots of powerful tools and features. Store newsletters are one of those eBay store features with massive advantages. Buyers who find interest in your store are likely to include it in their favorites, and when this happens, encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list. Since these buyers were interested in your store in the first place, it means they like what you offer and therefore you can send them emails that are highly targeted.

How To Send email Newsletters

You cannot send a newsletter without a list, so the first thing you want to do is to encourage buyers and potential customers to subscribe to your newsletter. A list may take time to build as people buy from you and check out your store.

You can send out a newsletter once your list has got ‘quorum’. Sending a store newsletter is easy. On your eBay home page, click on ‘My eBay’ and then ‘Manage My Store’. Click on ‘Email Marketing’ and then on the ‘Create Email’ button.

You can now send your newsletter. Be specific on who you want to receive the email. You can either send to only previous customers that have purchased from you or those that read your emails. The message can be general, like a special deals update. Note that eBay allows only one newsletter each week.

The Upside and Downside

pros and cons of email marketing in ebayWhile eBay store newsletters are a very powerful marketing tool, they have their own disadvantages. The most notable downside is that they are very costly, and this can affect your profits. You get 5000 emails with a Basic Store ($15.95 a month), 7500 emails for a $49.95 Premium Store, and 10000 emails for the $299.95 Anchor Store.

Each additional email costs $0.01 for all stores, which adds up to $1 per 100 extra emails sent. The costs can easily shoot up if you have a big number of subscribers on your list.

The upside, though, is that the extra expenses for store newsletters are usually worth it. For every newsletter that you send out, you’re assured of at least a few sales even for a relatively small list; so the costs are to a great extent justified.

Evaluate your Success Rate

EBay generates a success rate report for every email you send, which is listed under the email subject line on the Email Marketing page.

Details in this report include the number of delivered emails, number of opened emails, the amount of traffic on your store that resulted from the email, and the bids that were made as a result of the email.

Obviously, the more often you send out newsletters, the higher the success rate. Your first email should be for ‘testing the waters’ so don’t expect much from it. Success rate increases with time as you get used to selling and gain a long list of satisfied customers.

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