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Sell More on eBay With Reviews and Guides

how to improve conversion rates with reviews and guidesWhen buyers on eBay want to know more about the specifics of a particular product, they often use guides and reviews on the website. However, many sellers don’t realize the immense selling power that reviews and guides can yield.

So how can sellers use reviews and guides to sell more?

The common (and recommended) practice for eBay sellers is to specialize in a niche market they’re most familiar with. With time, a seller gains more knowledge and expertise in their niche specialty – and specifically the main product in the niche market.

Many sellers are unaware that this knowledge is a gold mine if used wisely. When you write expert reviews and guides for a product, both old and potential customers perceive you as knowledgeable in what you’re selling, and therefore develop a great sense of trust in you. And the fastest way to build credibility on eBay is by establishing trust with your customers.

Additionally, some reviews may be displayed for your active products. This is a strong selling point because a potential buyer is likely to click through a listing and purchase an item if they see that there’s an active review of the same product. The important thing when writing reviews is to be honest. Tell both sides of the story – i.e. the advantages and the known disadvantages.

reviews and guides to drive customers on ebayProduct guides have the same advantage as reviews. For instance, if you’ve listed a Play Station 3, a guide on how to download movies to the Play Station 3 is very relevant to a buyer interested in the console. As with the reviews, it’s important to be as realistic as possible when writing your guides. Do not exaggerate.

You should have an elaborate reviews and guides page, which you can link to it from your auctions. This will again boost your credibility to readers, who might be potential buyers. As more and more people approve of your expert knowledge through your guides and reviews, you might become a top reviewer.

By the way, you don’t need to have a lot of reviews to be a top rated reviewer; rather, you need to ensure that your reviews are very popular. Therefore, show expert knowledge of your product and get more ‘votes’ of approval.

Another useful trick is to write guides about how to spot counterfeits, especially if the niche you’re dealing in is laden with fake products. This will definitely mark you out as different from the ‘rest’ and you’ll be one of the most trusted sellers because buyers would not expect you to sell counterfeits when you’re literally fighting against the vice.

There are countless ways you can use reviews and guides to build credibility and therefore sell more on eBay. And the best thing is that it costs nothing to write a review. So, if you want to boost your sales and build a solid reputation, become knowledgeable in what you’re selling and give free expert advice to potential buyers as well as existing customers.

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