Successful Online Selling

How to Make Repeat Sales Online

how to get repeat sales onlineDo you know who your best customers are? Your repeat customers! This comes with any business, not just eBay.

The reason that some businesses succeed within their first three years is because they had leverage with getting their customers to come back for the second purchase, or on a consistent basis.

It's all in the list. We want to leverage our businesses so that we don't have to constantly attract new customers, but create a platform where they will be satisfied and come back.

That's the secret: making sure the customers are satisfied after the transaction with your eBay store or listing.

If anything goes wrong from A to B, they will remember it and move on to another seller. It is actually more cost effective to retain customers than to attract new ones because of the marketing costs involved.

Once a person or company as decided to buy an item from you, the marketing is in the bag.

You have their information and know who they are and what they want. A solution the eBay sellers have to use is the MyStoreRewards. Use this link to get to the website


You can use this to offer cash back and coupon campaigns to directly market to previous customers and bring them back to your site. You can utilize this technique right from your very Selling Manager in My eBay.

This service is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider and one of the third party providers included in the Selling Manager Applications feature.

Buyers can sign up for this feature for free and have the opportunity to save money for themselves when they receive an email with the MyStoreRewards template.

It looks something like this;

Dear X,

Thank you for your recent purchase. I received your PayPal payment of $100 on 4 April 2010. Since you paid with PayPal, you automatically qualify to join my MyStoreRewards program where you can easily earn cash reward rebates on all of your purchases from me (including this one!) To automatically receive a 2% cash reward rebate right away, and to earn automatic rebates on future purchases, please read and accept these rules by clicking the link below within 7 days of this email.

This is such a powerful tool to send out. It gives buyers the ability to receive a cash rebate and entice them to keep coming back.This is just a tool to use.

This is still a personal experience and needs to be treated that way.Do not depend on the tools to do all of the work for you. They are only there for your convenience not your complete dependence.

Make sure that your customer service is impeccable and timely. Present yourself in a professional manner so that people want to do business with you.

This is the basics of having a business. You need to;

targetted customers who come back* Cultivate professional expertise about your products
* Fill a recognizable niche
* Promote consistently fair dealings
* Maintain a clean and presentable store
* Represent your company with a pleasant attitude

If you manage to handle to those basic business tactics, the chances that people will return to your store will have increased dramatically. It will save you tons of money in the long run.

As long as your business operations from A to B is a well-oiled machine that does not produce any mishaps, then there is no reason why your customers will not buy from you again.

 ***HOT TIP***

As I mentioned, one of the best ways that you can attract past buyers back to your store is through post-sale email marketing.

Many eBay Store owners use this technique, and absolutely swear by it.

It's pretty simple really, you regularly email your list when you get new stock, notify them of sales or issue them with coupons or discount vouchers for their next purchase. We highly reccomend you use Aweber for email marketing and for a limited time, check out this Aweber review and bonus.

This works a real treat, but to really expand your list and market to even more keen buyers, you need to make your email marketing list even bigger by adding more potential buyers to it.

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