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How Good Customer Service Will Help Your eBay Seller Ratings

customer service ratingsIf you hope to make money selling on eBay, you must acquaint yourself with Ebay’s quality of service ranking system. Ebay seller ratings are determined by customer feedback left for a seller after an item has been purchased.

There are countless people selling on eBay and naturally, customers tend to gravitate towards sellers that have good ratings, which essentially is a lot of positive feedback.

Good eBay seller ratings start with good customer service you extend to buyers. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a sound customer service strategy for your business to succeed.

Before you come up with your customer service strategy, the first thing you ought to do is read up the rules and policies. The online auction giant website has several rules and policies governing all sellers, and they are clearly explained on the website.

There are quite many and they are constantly updated so it’s imperative for every seller to grasp those rules that directly affect their sales. Based on these rules, you can then develop a customer service policy.

Right from your product description, your excellent customer service should be evident. Rather than advertise hype or puff in your descriptions, give every honest detail about what you’re selling. The same goes for photos.

Unfortunately, many sellers hype their product descriptions, and the products turn out to be something different once they get to the buyer. This has earned sellers a lot of negative feedback.

If you’re selling used products, a full, honest description is doubly important. Include any flaws, scratches and the like in the description as they are. Ensure that the product exceeds the buyer’s expectation.

When you try to downplay the extent of flaws in your descriptions, your trustworthiness will be dented and if you manage to sell the item, you will probably get complaints and refund requests, not to mention negative feedback.

During bidding time, it’s important to keep up with your customer service strategies. Many times, potential buyers will request for more information than you provided in the description. If a customer requests for more details on an item, make it a point to reply as fast as possible and be clear in your answers.

There might be an enquiry that seems less important to you yet to the potential buyer, it is what will persuade him to buy the item from you rather than from another seller.

Good customer service should be maintained even after a purchase has been made. This entails packing the item appropriately and shipping it immediately (ideally on the same day unless it’s a weekend or public holiday).

Do not inflate the charges to cover packaging and shipping. Probably, your buyers will know how much goes into packaging and shipping and they would not mind paying for a fair price to cater for those costs.

Sometimes, shipping costs may exceed the price of an item but if a buyer feels that they are still getting a bargain, they wouldn’t mind.

On the whole, good customer service on eBay doesn’t differ from that on other e-commerce sites. As long as you’re honest, provide a fast service and keep in touch, your ratings will be good.

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