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Free Email Marketing Tips

email marketing strategiesAs you might already know, email marketing is an immensely powerful online marketing tool. But without the right email marketing tips, you will not maximize the benefits of email marketing.

You need to acquaint yourself with what works best and the things to avoid. Your email marketing strategy starts with a firm understanding of the power of email and mastering its nitty-gritty so that your opt-in email marketing strategy is a robust email marketing solution.

Here are a few must-have free email marketing tips to boost your online marketing strategy.

1. Your Subject Line Should Be Compelling

It has now become an art to write a compelling subject line. But most companies are yet to master this art. Use these simple but proven tips to get your subscribers reading each and every email you send.

• Keep it short – The aim here is to write a line that readers can take in within a second at most. Ideally, your title should not have more than 50 characters.

• Focus on your subscribers – There should be more ‘you’ than ‘we’ in your title. Aim at providing a solution to them and make this clear.

• Use motivators – One of the most powerful motivators is the word ‘free’. Use it but in a careful way. Spam filters don’t usually block emails with the word ‘free’ in the title but don’t over use it.

• Create urgency – Words like ‘Limited time only’ or ‘Only 24 hours left’ create a sense of urgency and importance and have been shown to be effective.

2. Direct Readers To Your Website

performing email marketing to boose salesIf customers can purchase your product directly through the email message without visiting your website, you will be denying yourself a chance to showcase your other products, get more contact details, display your brand, and several other things about your business that can only be found on your website.

Ensure that you always direct readers to your website to maximize your chances of selling other products and increase your conversion rates.

3. Make Special Landing Pages for your Emails

A company that sells several products may make a limited offer for a particular product through email. However, when readers open the email and click on the offer link, it takes them to the company’s main landing page where they couldn’t find the particular product that the email promoted.

You can solve this by creating dedicated landing pages for each of your email messages. This way, readers will be directed to the right place.

4. Include a ‘Forward to’ button in Your Emails

The easiest way to create a ‘viral’ message is by making it easy for readers to share the message with friends. Put the forward button prominently at the top of your email message.

5. Let Readers Know Where You Want Them to Click

If readers have to put in a lot of effort to respond to your emails, you will realize dismal results, regardless of how well-crafted your emails may be. One proven technique is to put large buttons to click on at the top of your message, and put motivational messages in there, for instance, ‘Download this free e-course now!’

6. Collect readers’ information before parting with anything

Finally, before you can give away any free incentive, make sure you’ve collected your potential customers’ data. It will help you keep in touch and build a relationship for the long term and easily sell new products as they come.

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