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Email Marketing in E-commerce Stores to Boost Conversions And Revenue

email marketing for auction businessesTo maximize sales for your ecommerce business, it is important that you take necessary measures to retain a high percentage of repeat customers.

These are regular customers that can sustain large percentage of your periodical revenue. Email marketing plays a big part in turning those first time customers into loyal ones.

There are many programs on the web today that cater an email marketing service and it can be very helpful for your online business. The rates they are relatively inexpensive and they take all the hassle out of sending emails with newsletters or website content to your customers on set dates and times.

If you have a first time buyer on your website, they can either buy once from your site and not remember you are around, or receive emails from your business to remind them that you are still at their service.

Be sure to send sufficient emails to your customers at a rate that they won’t forget about your website, but not so much that would irritate them. Sometimes sending too many emails a day or a week can make your customer feel annoyed or pressured, and you could be pushing their business away.

It is better to send them a reminder every time you have a huge blowout sale going on or when you began to stock a new hot item. This is enough to remind them that you are still at their disposal and they will be sure to visit your website and possibly generate a nice sale.

email marketing tips for beginnersA common mistake made by most business is that they do not include the customer’s name in email title or content. This is actually very important; this action will change the recipient’s mood in a positive manner as you had actually personalized the email to them.

You have just turned what someone can consider junk mail into personal mail. Once a customer views their name in the content, their full attention is then directed to what the email has to say. It makes the consumer feel appreciated and taken care of by your business.

If your business provides sales or promotion codes, send them to your buyers through email as well. Online shoppers will spend hours online looking for coupon codes for various websites taking into consideration that they are hard to get ahold of. Many businesses will post codes on discount websites but not all shoppers are able to find them easily.

Sending your codes through email will make the customer fell like they are getting a deal, and since it’s your business that is sending the email, only your promotional code is listed, rather than a website that contains codes from multiple webpages. Taking this step can direct more shoppers directly to your website for a better chance of increased sales.

Remember that this is the only form that you can directly contact potential customers. Although online advertising and marketing works, this is the best way that you can contact your clients personally to market your products directly.

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