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Create Winning eBay Auction Titles

winning ebay titleWe can rightly conclude that one of the key factors that lead to an auction being unsuccessful is a ‘wrong’ auction title.

While the eBay market place can be very profitable, it is increasingly becoming hard for many sellers to make any reasonable returns due to the current over-crowding.

Therefore, it has now come down to the tiniest details that make the difference. It’s important to create auction titles that stand out if you want to lead the competition.

So, what’s the role of an auction title?

Its most crucial job is to get potential buyers to click on your auction. You can have the best bargains around or a very catchy and compelling advert but if visitors never get that far, then you will never close any sales. As you’re aware, people clicking onto your auctions is the very first step in the buying process.

So then, how do you craft winning titles?

The following tips are a result of years of observing buyer trends on writing a great ebay title.

Arouse mystery

This is relatively unknown among sellers but a title that creates intrigue in people causes them to eventually click on it. For instance, instead of your title revealing to potential buyers what you’re trying to sell, it would have more mystery if it just hinted on how greatly they will benefit from your product.

Note that while visitors may get compelled to click on a ‘mysterious’ title, there are disadvantages with it, moreover, it doesn’t work for every product. You can’t really arouse mystery around a box of envelopes! But for the right product, it does work.

Write your titles in capital letters

good titles to use in ebay auctionsEach word in your title should begin with a capital letter. You will be surprised at what this can do. Besides making your title stick out from the rest who don’t use capital letters, it is more effective than the paid eBay options of bolding the title.

If there’s a particular feature of great importance, you can use capitals all through, for instance if the product you’re selling is brand new.

Include many keywords

A big portion of buyers on eBay find items through the search feature on the site. Therefore, it is important that you include all words that people searching for your item are likely to use in their searches.

Use correct spelling

Search results do not return spelling mistakes. If a visitor searches for ‘Sweaters’ and your auction title is listed as ‘Swetears’, he will not see your auction. Usually, people don’t make spelling mistakes – reason they are called mistakes. If you notice a mistake after listing, you can still correct it if no bids have been placed yet. Just one keyword misspelled can ruin it for you.

Be expressive

Be sure to describe what you’re selling as completely as you can. If it is a new item, let it be known in the title. Also, point out that your item is in a given condition if necessary.

Finally, don’t over use paid options

Anyone who’s been a seller on eBay for some time knows that many of the eBay options aimed at increasing number of clicks do not have a profound effect to justify their fees. Buying success on eBay is not a given default action. Many times, it depends on what item you’re selling.

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