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9 Ways to Convert Website Visitors to Paying Customers

how to convert visitors into customersIt’s one thing to pull traffic to your website but if no visitor buys anything from your website, your business will not grow.

Certainly, generating traffic is very crucial but it’s not everything. You need to have ways of converting that traffic. There are a couple of ways you can increase your conversion rate.

We’ll look at nine ways to convert website visitors into real buyers. Note that most of these methods work best for online stores but can be used with any other website:

1. Make your return policies less restrictive

Many first time customers never make a purchase on a website before reading the policies, especially regarding return and refunds. Ensure that your return policies are fair and realistic. You simply have to make compromises you can live with if you want to convert more customers.

2. Accept more than one payment option

PayPal is the largest third-party payment method out there but that doesn’t mean it is the only option. Many potential customers – especially international customers – have restrictions with PayPal. Fortunately, PayPal’s merchant services allow you to display credit card logos. Make efforts to integrate as many merchant options as possible into your shopping cart.

3. Provide excellent customer service

Home businesses usually operate on limited budgets but you can look for ways to have a robust customer support system. If you don’t have the means to hire dedicated customer service representatives, the least you can do is provide easy access for customers, usually a number they can call or a reliable email address. An online shop without a viable contact raises suspicion instantly.

4. Give your customers a toll-free number

On top of expecting a phone number they can call, most customers also expect it to be a toll-free number. Often, customers will not feel the need to call but a toll-free number makes them have the confidence that they can get to you anytime the need arises.

If you don’t have a physical address, there’s no need for a local phone number. Fortunately, there are services that offer virtual toll-free numbers at a small fee but worth it.

5. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

put yourself in your customers shoesOne of the easiest ways you can gauge your service is by being your own mystery shopper. Visit your website from time to time and get a feel of what your visitors’ experience. You can also encourage friends to give objective opinions and feedback.

Find out things like how easy it is to find what you want, what irritates your customers, and so forth. If you don’t like the experience on your website, your visitors won’t like it either.

6. Ensure your site is very secure and let your visitors know

If you’ve done some online shopping, you must have seen logos like VeriSign or Hacker Safe. These logos are important for reassuring visitors that their information will be safe once they pass it over to you. Work with your shopping cart service provider to put the necessary security measures in place and make it known.

7. Watch what your competitors are doing

Visit your competitors’ websites regularly. Look out for things you can implement on your website. Even if you’re not in direct competition, there’s still a lot you can pick from these websites.

8. Encourage customer feedback

It is only your customers that can tell you what is good and what is not good. If they like a certain new feature, capitalize on that feedback. If they are turned off by some other feature, acknowledge that and make necessary changes.

9. Offer discounts and incentives and promote heavily

Normally, first time buyers need a lot of convincing to make a purchase and the easiest way to achieve this is by offering an incentive – it can be a special discount, a free eBook guide or free subscription to an informative newsletter.

If you use these tips on your online store, you will certainly increase your conversion rate by some points.

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